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’90 Day Fiance’: Jenny Slatten Proves Love Is Blind – Sumit Rolls In His Convertible

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90 Day Fiance star Jenny Slatten is so in love with her TLC reality series partner that she seems to overlook a few things. Jenny sold everything she owned in this world and went The Other Way in hopes of marrying the man she loved.

90 Day Fiance: Jenny Slatten Culture Shock?

Moving from the US to India would normally be a culture shock for most people. But apparently Jenny Slatten isn’t most people. She endured many roadblocks and verbal slaps in the face from Sumit’s family members. She also found out her 90 Day Fiance husband-to-be was already someone else’s husband.

While she left India once after finding out Sumit already had a wife, she returned when assured it was a loveless arranged marriage. Jenny, who is a 90 Day Fiance fan favorite, overlooks a lot of things that are different in India than in the States.

90 Day Fiance Sumit New Vehicle

One of those things seems to be Sumit’s idea of a convertible. Along with Jenny making an effort to fit into her new surroundings, she seems to overlook a lot.

Hubby Rolls In Peddling a Convertible

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one of Sumit coming to get Jenny in a convertible seems to fit the saying.  The American 90 Day Fiance cast member shows her sense of humor as well as her tolerance for a different lifestyle.

Many fans believe that although these two had a rocky start, they genuinely love each other.

As Sumit peddles his cart, Jenny writes that he’s on the way to get her. There’s no cushy seats in that jalopy and not so much as an armrest to be found. But for Jenny, it doesn’t matter if it’s a bike or a Rolls Royce because it’s bringing Sumit to her. Well, under his peddle-power.

90 Day Fiance - Jenny and Sumit - The Other Way 2

90 Day Fiance: In the Eye of the Beholder

The photo of Sumit in his convertible is striking in several different ways. When cruising the cobblestone streets in America, it’s a rich cultural experience. Much like the cobblestone streets found in the New England city of  Boston, Massachuestts, the roads are far from depicting poverty.

As Sumit pumps his way down a cobblestone road, the same type as in Boston, there’s nothing but poverty on either side of the street. Still, all Jenny sees is her 90 Day Fiance guy on the way to her.

It seems that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether Sumit peddles his way down Rodeo Dr. or a poverty-lined street in India it doesn’t matter to his 90 Day Fiance lady.

If he pulls up in a Mercedes or a bicycle cart, that still doesn’t matter, to his future bride. As far as Jenny is concerned, Sumit is making his way to her.

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