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’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Nafziger Gone 5 Months – May Gets A Shirt

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90 Day Fiance fans are not happy with Nicole Nafziger despite all the hints she’s posted about making her way home. She’s finally going to see her little girl after 5-months in Morocco with Azan. All little May gets out of this mommy homecoming is a t-shirt.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger Makes Big Push To Come Home

While May is still too little to read about her mother’s antics online, the archives will hold all the news of today for future reading. 90 Day Fiance fans are fed up with Nicole and her attempt to be cute.

90 Day Fiance - Nicole Nafziger Comes Home to May

She left to see Azan Tefou in Morocco just before the pandemic had everyone needing to stay at home. Apparently this 90 Day Fiance mom had an opportunity to get on a plane and go home before the country’s travel restrictions went into place.

5-Months Gone From May

But she opted to stay in Morocco with Azan, which ended up as a 5-month vacation. Fans say she abandoned May to be with Azan. While 90 Day Fiance followers had a field day condemning Nicole’s actions, she didn’t seem to care.

Nicole’s mom stepped up to defend her daughter’s actions. She told the followers of the TLC reality series that the word abandon was a bit strong. Nicole didn’t abandon her daughter, she left her with her family. So Nicole’s mom got some granddaughter time in with May.

90 day Fiance - Nicole and May Nafziger T Shirt

90 Day Fiance: May Can Pretend to Feed Her T-Shirt Like a Doll?

Fans didn’t buy it and now Nicole has made a move at these posts all pointing to her on her way home. She says goodbye to Azan in a post where the two wear masks. She’s got clips of the car moving along the road, all suggesting it’s part of her journey home.

Fans had a field day with making up memes about the T-Shirt this mom brought back for May. One of them appears below.


When fans heard that little May is getting a t-shirt from her mom after all this time away, the fans were furious. May is at an age where a doll or a toy would mean so much to her. A T-Shirt is nothing but an article of clothing to a little tot.

For all the news on this popular series from TLC  come back to Entertainment Chronicle.

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