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’90 Day Fiance’: Grown Child of Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima – Spawn of Cyber Space DNA? (Pic)

07/18/20 4:20 PM

90 Day Fiance fans love those standout celebrities like Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima once they’ve proven themselves a high-intensity trainwreck. While Colt and Larissa no longer carry the tag of a 90 Day Fiance couple, it looks like someone gave them a longer shelf life together in the online world today.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima An Interesting Duo

This reality series is the show that just keeps giving. As far as Colt and Larissa are concerned, people can’t seem to get enough of these two. Whether together or apart, they drum up enough interest for fans to still follow this now-defunct couple online.

It seems 90 Day Fiance is often filed under mindless television watching in homes across the nation. That’s because there’s really no reason to use your brain when you’re part of this audience. But it still holds your interest.

Larissa and her ex-husband don’t bring forth the jaw-dropping battles anymore. So, that’s probably why their fans found other ways to use them for entertainment.

Grown Child Spawned Online

Some creative TLC reality show watcher took Colt and his ex to task online. Apparently, the next best thing to watching them act like a couple is morphing them into one person. It looks like that’s just what one artistic 90 Day Fiance viewer did in the post above.

90 Day Fiance - Colt and Jess at Beach - Happily Ever After

But this could also be what a grown child spawned by this couple might look like. After all, children get their DNA from both parents and it looks like this post was created using cyberspace DNA.

Can you imagine yourself as a teenager seeing this picture above of Colt squeezed into a Speedo? What about then learning this was your father in his younger years? This would account for the worried look on that face of Larissa and Colt’s possible spawned grown child.

90 Day Fiance: Resemblance Uncanny?

They did a fairly good job of creating this fictitious man. The worried-looking fellow got some of the more predominant facial features of Colt and Larissa. Furthermore, this guy looks either scared or on the verge of tears.

But 90 Day Fiance fans would probably agree that if this was a real offspring of Larissa and Colt, he’d have good reason to look concerned. In this morphed image, Larissa’s dark mysterious eyes glare out from behind Colt’s glasses.

If this was the grown kid of Larissa and Colt, he’d probably be sporting his mother’s thick black hair, like this online artist penciled in. It also looks as if he inherited Larissa’s eyebrows before she plucks.

There you have it, a morphed 90 Day Fiance couple, or ex-couple. But if these two ever sparked it up again, this funny-looking cyber spawn above could be what their child would look like 25 years from now.

Fans of this TLC reality series are having a ball with this creation online today. The man who is half Coltee and half Larisa is raking in a ton of comments. Most of the people adding their thoughts are in disbelief as to what they see.

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