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‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Keeps Clear as Co-Wives Muddy the Waters

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown seems to be the fan-favorite today out of the four wives of Kody Brown and you can see why across the social media sites. If anyone earns the tag of peacemaker in the Sister Wives clan, it should be Janelle.

She seems to keep things on an even keel for the rest of the Brown family. It also looks like Janelle never tends to get caught up in controversy, like her other co-wives appear to do.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown – No Hidden Agenda

Since the last Sister Wives season ended, Meri Brown and Christine Brown seem to do their best to confuse the fans online. Robyn Brown just fell off the face of the virtual world. She doesn’t post anything usually in between the seasons, just like her shared husband Kody Brown.

While Meri offers everything under the sun that appears to say good-bye to Kody, she never comes right out to say she’s leaving him. Her messages sound like a woman about to start a solo mission in life, but the words saying she’s done just never surface.

Sister Wives - Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Janelle Brown

So, Meri gives the fans and the tabloids lots of speculation. This keeps the Sister Wives in the headlines. In contrast, Janelle stays pretty generic by not giving her fans anything to rile them up.

While Meri posts intrigue, Janelle posts flowers. Then Christine posts “insensitive” stuff and Janelle shares her success with growing vegetables.

Speaking of Riling Things Up…

Christine Brown should probably get the crown for being the single source of the Sister Wives uproar this week.  As Janelle Brown shared pics of her vegetable plants, along with her flower garden, Christine talked about drowning animals.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

In a Facebook post that now seems to be deleted, Christine Brown probably made the worst online mistake that she’s made in a while. It sounded like she was attempting to get some interaction going among her followers.

So, Christine posts an image of Noah’s Ark and claims while she trusts God, there should have been a few animals left off Noah’s Ark. She then adds that some animals should have been left behind to drown.

Then this Sister Wives “fun” wife, as Kody Brown calls her, asked her followers to post photos of animals that should have drowned. Well, Christine’s followers got interactive alright, they bashed her for such an “insensitive” post.

Sister Wives: Down to Earth

Janelle Brown also gives her followers something to talk about as well. But she’s direct and she won’t leave her fans assuming she meant this or that like Meri Brown does.

When this second wife from the Sister Wives clan offers a post, you know what she’s talking about. Janelle seems to think about how her post is going to sound before she hits that button.

When it comes to publishing a post, Janelle Brown is apparently unlike her co-wife, Christine. The third wife doesn’t seem to think things over before sharing them online. If she did she wouldn’t have animal lovers really angry with her right now.

So, it is easy to see why Janelle is a fan-favorite. You can expect to get nothing but genuine from the second wife of this TLC reality series.

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