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’90 Day Fiance’: Darcey Left With Short-Fried Quarantine Hair In Embarrassing Video

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Darcey Silva, a long-time star of 90 Day Fiance might have just topped herself in the humiliation department with an embarrassing video she posted of herself. Reality stars make cameo videos for their fans as a little sideline gig for extra cash.

It looks like Darcey’s cameo really showed the 90 Day Fiance star stripped down to the bones when it comes to getting rid of the fake hair and eyelashes. Fans also believe Darcey is drunk in the video. She does seem to slur her words at times.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Darcey Tipsy and Hairless?

Darcey Silva is usually meticulous when it comes to her hair, makeup, and clothes. In this video, she’s in an overkill giddy mode on camera and “loving” the man and wife she is talking to.

The 90 Day Fiance celeb looks like her hair was caught in a wind turbine and it chopped it all off. This is a shocking way to view Darcey. Yes, fans are used to her turning on the waterworks and seeing her makeup run down her face.

Fans have also seen her a few times when her eyelashes seemed to have a mind of their own. She’s had a few slips with those long-spider-like lashes. Viewers have seen them swing from one eye like a windshield wiper after too much crying. But this is totally different.



Darcey Molted On Camera

Darcey admits to her 90 Day Fiance fans she’s lost her hair extensions and she even pulls a few stragglers out to prove the point. She also admits that she has quarantine hair. Since there’s nothing she can do about it, she decided to go natural for the video.

Darcey proceeds to pull her hair out without much effort to show the people watching the video how she’s shedding while quarantined. This famous face from the TLC series also claims she’s just going to be real and show her fans the “real me”.

Fans refer to her in this video as a “drunk Darcey” probably because this is not something she’s apt to do while sober. As the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season continues, many fans sympathize with Darcey Silva.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – One of Her Most Embarrassing Moments?

Darcey Silva doesn’t have much luck on luncheon dates with her prospective grooms in New York City. She was dumped not once, but twice by two guys, each who she thought was the real deal. Both invited her on separate seasons to meet them in the Big Apple.

So for both dates, Darcey primped to the max for what she thought would be a reboot in romance. But she was dumped. One time she was literally kicked to the curb, luggage and all. Well, she got out of the cab and was left on the curb with all her luggage in the Jesse Meester breakup.

Tom Brooks invited her to lunch to tell him he found love, just not with her. Even when getting dumped and demeaned she managed to look good in between her scrunchy-face crying. But whatever is going on right now in her Connecticut home is not a good look for Darcey.

Who knew her Lady Guidiva hair was glued on? Okay, probably everyone. But 90 Day Fiance fans couldn’t have known that Darcey really has very little hair of her own. What’s still growing out of her scalp is badly damaged looking.

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