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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Wives’ Bow Out – Whips Up Firestorm of Speculation

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Kody Brown appeared awkward on the last episode of Sister Wives, which was an episode that not only left fans totally confused but asking questions as well. Something seemed off with Kody and his four wives and this started online speculation to run wild.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown and TLC’s Odd Way to End Season

The last episode of the Sister Wives series this season wasn’t advertised as the finale, which confused fans. Many had no idea the season was about to abruptly end while watching the last episode.

But when Kody Brown didn’t offer his traditional “Next Week on Sister Wives” preview, many thought this was odd. A quick search of television menus only offered reruns for future viewing of the Sister Wives show. But that wasn’t the only odd thing seen in the last episode.

If this was indeed the finale, where was Meri Brown and Robyn Brown? First of all, neither showed up in North Carolina for Maddie Brown Brush’s birth. A very quick and generic excuse was offered. It seems Meri was busy with business and Robyn had her hands full with the closing on the house.

Healing | Sister Wives

"People ask me all the time, why don't I leave?" #SisterWives

Posted by Sister Wives on Monday, April 6, 2020

Missing Wives – What’s Going On?

Strange, but it gets even stranger. As the episode ended there were only three of the five Sister Wives spouses on that couch. Kody Brown was seated between Janelle Brown and Christine Brown. Meri and Robyn were missing.

This is extremely odd and probably very telling of the Sister Wives relationships. Fans started sharing theories after watching Kody’s treatment of his wives through the last season.

Kody Brown was seen as brutal at times during this last season. Fans also describe him as a bully to the women he married. Janelle Brown was the only wife he didn’t seem to target this season. Then again, she was the only wife that didn’t go against his decisions.

The Sister Wives husband probably demonstrated the rawest form of mean when it came to Meri Brown. Whatever he believes his problem is within that marriage, Meri didn’t deserve the brutal comments from Kody in that therapy session, according to fans.

Kody Brown said in so many words that Meri manipulated him into marriage. She presented herself as someone she is not just to snag him into matrimony. Then he throws in how he stayed with her only out of “moral obligation”. That’s because he is a good guy, or so he described for the therapist.

Sister Wives: Brown Adults in a Shambles

Meri pretty much fell off the face of the earth after that display. Even her social media presence is low-key today following the airing of that marriage counseling attempt.

Robyn fought with Kody over buying a house on Sister Wives this season. She lost it more than once as the episodes played out. It was more than obvious to fans that Robyn and Meri’s absence on that couch wasn’t a coincidence. The viewer’s online theory – the two wives he slammed this season weren’t there for the final episode out of protest of his treatment.

Nothing was mentioned about another season other than Kody saying he hopes the fans see them again. If Kody Brown couldn’t get two of his wives to join him for the Sister Wives finale, which seemed like a rather make-shift ending to a season, he’s got a lot of work ahead of him. How will he get them all together to film another season?

That’s if TLC wants them. It seems Kody also needs some damage control with the fans. After his over-the-edge verbal attacks on his wives this season, he’s not only in the dog house with a few wives but with some fans as well.

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  1. The beginning of the end came when Cody wouldnt support Meri in her bed and breakfast. Once a woman “does it by herself” , she sees she no longer needs the abuse. I dont know why she continues the marriage therapy, maybe for the audience. Maybe for the family, even the kids seem not to need Meri anymore. But i certainly dont see any love multiplying here

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