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‘Sister Wives’ – Kody Brown Makes Robyn Pay For Rebelling?

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It looks like Kody Brown takes his Sister Wives leadership to a new level when Robyn Brown refuses to follow his wishes in the next episode. It wasn’t all that long ago when the husband of four declared himself the one who will lead the family on screen.

But he also added that he sometimes needs to do the hard thing. This means to lead his Sister Wives household members places they don’t want to go.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown Retaliates After Robyn Brown Refusal?

Kody Brown doesn’t take it well when his wives buck his system. But it seems that’s what Robyn does in the last few episodes. So as the head of the Sister Wives, Kody bites back While doing so, he gets a bit snarky on camera. It looks as if he pondered retaliation toward his youngest wife during the last episode.

With Robyn away in Chicago last week on the Sister Wives show, Kody seemed to amp himself up to make a move. It’s almost as if he thought about this move as a type of punishment against Robyn. Is it a way of showing her that he’s in charge after her steadfast roadblock against buying a house?

The husband of four said it would serve Robyn right if he put an offer on a house with her away in Chicago. So going behind his wife’s back looks like an option for this now ticked-off husband.

Robyn Brown needs to vacate her rental home within weeks. This is due to the landlord selling the property. Because she can’t find a rental, Kody Brown insists they buy a home.

Not an Option

That’s not an option for Robyn Brown. She wants the money they’d use to buy a home to go towards building on their Coyote Pass land. If they buy a home, that sets the building process back. So this Sister Wives couple battle over buying or renting.

The viewers of this TLC series have seen Kody act rather child-like in the past when he couldn’t get his own way. But this time seems different. It appears anger is the fuel driving Kody Brown in a new direction.

The leader of this plural marriage doesn’t hide his anger towards Robyn. When he talks into the Sister Wives camera he toys with buying a house while she is away.

Is this payback? He also seems to offer this payback for Robyn ignoring his leadership with some harsh interactions in the next episode.

That’s one way for Kody to retaliate against Robyn for not following his lead. But does he dare buy a house without her there? Kody also adds praise for himself while making this threat. He suggests if he was a different type of guy he might do this. So, is this just a threat he doesn’t plan to act on.

Sister Wives – Robyn Gets Ultimatum From Kody

It’s not just what the father of 18 said, but how he said it that caught the attention of Sister Wives viewers. It was if he planned to punish his fourth wife by going behind her back. If you think Kody was over the top in the last few episodes, wait until the next episode airs.

The anger coming from the Sister Wives husband leaves Robyn in tears. It also looks like this battle takes a toll on the mom of five. Apparently, Kody isn’t finished yet. Next week he presents an ultimatum to Robyn, one that she isn’t going to take to very well.

As time goes on, Kody’s interaction with Robyn goes from irritating to harsh. this husband delivers his words in a demanding tone at times. He tells Robyn she either looks for a house to buy in Flagstaff or she’s moving out of town.

Opposing Sides | Sister Wives

The Browns need to be out of Robyn's rental in 60 days…but she and Kody are at odds when it comes to next steps for their family. See what happens tonight at 10/9c on #SisterWives.

Posted by Sister Wives on Saturday, March 7, 2020

So, this leaves Robyn with a choice of buying in the city where she’ll remain near the family. Or she finds a rent out of town, which puts distance between her and the rest of the Brown family.

Viewers already know who gets their own way in this debacle but now they get to see how they got there. Tune in to TLC on Sunday nights at 10 pm EST for new episodes of Sister Wives.

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  1. I think Kody is a bully. Now it was everyone’s idea to move when in reality it was all him. Bully

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