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’90 Day Fiance’: Did Big Ed’s Hunky Photos Open the Door to Rose?

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It looks like Big Ed managed to stun the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days viewers once more but not because he’s frightened again in the Philippines. Since Big Ed landed in this impoverished land it seems even his own shadow scares him at times.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Hunky Look Bait for Rose?

Big Ed’s fear is so apparent that fans made parody videos over Big Ed and his frights. While funny to watch, there’s probably nothing funny about these fears for this 90 Day Fiance celeb. But Big Ed’s latest stunner isn’t coming from his fears. No, it’s from out of his past.

While it might be hard to imagine Ed any differently as you watch the rather meek-acting guy on 90 Days Fiance, but he’s changed – a lot. This guy was actually a hunk back in the day and photos of a long-ago Big Ed emerged online to prove it.


90 Day Fiance - Big Ed - Younger

When some online detective managed to find a long-ago photo of Big Ed, they posted it online. 90 Day Fiance fans weren’t buying this good-looking young guy in the photo turned out to be Big Ed. But the 90 Day Fiance star confirmed the photo is of him from days gone by.

Yeap, It’s Him Alright

The photo started to circulate online but Ed Brown did confirm that is indeed him back in 1988. The photo of Ed posing in all white was taken on his second date with his ex-wife, according to Big Ed himself. The other one with a shirtless Ed looks to be a bit older than the first one that surfaced.

Now with this 54-year-old man attempting to make a 23-year-old Rose his next wife, fans have questions. After the photos of a hunky Ed show up online, some fans wonder if Ed used these to catfish Rose.

90 Day Fiance: Private Photos Set Free

Rose is young and in those pictures of Big Ed, he appears as a rather hot-looking American. Ed has no idea how these photos ended up online as they were on his “personal” Facebook pages. That’s probably the page Rose was privy to while the two communicated via technology before meeting in person.

So did Ed lure Rose with these pictures at one time or another? Before Ed left for the long trip to Rose’s native country he said that he worried things might come back to haunt him. Were these pictures a few of these things?

Well, Ed got off that plane and he’s been doing more than just hanging out with Rose as a friend, so it looks as if she didn’t turn him away. But after seeing the conditions Rose is forced to live in, not many would blame her if she sees Big Ed as a ticket out of there.

Now that fans see Ed in action, they are not so concerned about Rose using him anymore. Fans see the American man looking like he’s attempting to groom Rose for his own pleasure. Many more fans today are tainted against Ed’s on-screen behaviors. But he did look hot once upon a time and maybe that’s who Rose thought she was getting.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days new episodes air on TLC Sunday nights at 8 pm EST.

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