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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans Shocked By Erin Bates’ Son’s School Milestone

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Bringing Up Bates star Erin Bates Paine likes to share stories about her children. Most of the time, the 33-year-old mom uploads pictures and clips from their outdoor activities. Erin has also been documenting every milestone of her children. But many were stunned after Erin shared Carson’s school milestone. Keep reading to see why.

Bringing Up Bates: Erin Bates’ Son Carson Worries Fans

In February, some Redditors discussed why they’re worried for Erin’s son, Carson. According to the poster, the young boy never looked happy in many of his photos and appearances on his parents’ vlogs. He’s known for being an obedient and kind son. But some Reddit users think Chad and Erin’s “strict” parenting may have affected how Carson behaves in front of the cameras. However, several Bringing Up Bates fans think he’s just a shy person, just like many of his siblings and cousins.

Carson Paine & Erin Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @chad_erinpaine Instagram
Carson Paine & Erin Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @chad_erinpaine Instagram

Fans Shocked By Carson’s School Milestone

Some Redditors react to Erin Bates Paine’s latest vlog featuring their Sunday afternoon. The Bringing Up Bates star shared clips of herself playing piano. She later shared glimpses of her kids playing on their land. But what caught the attention of many was when Erin revealed that Carson was already a 6th grader at the age of nine. Some people are puzzled about how that is possible, while others say that their kids, who are almost the same age as Carson, are only in lower grades.

Carson Paine From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Chad & Erin YouTube
Carson Paine From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Chad & Erin YouTube
  • “So… How is Carson in 6th grade when he just turned 9 last month?”
  • “My drinking from my bottled water just went through my nose! 6th Grade? Excuse me while I pound Pomp and Circumstance on Erin’s piano!”
  • “That’s crazy. My oldest is one year younger than Carson and is going into 3rd grade. Imagine him actually in a class full of 6th graders. There’s no way he would be at the same academic, social and emotional levels as them.”
  • “Especially for boys! There’s scientific evidence that shows boys are behind socially than compared to girls! Even if he could academically handle 6th grade, he wouldn’t be able to handle peer interactions”
  • “Yeah even by homeschooling standards that seems to be a huge jump when the average 6th grader is 11-12 years old. At least in the States anyway. Not to mention sex education/body changes/puberty health is usually taught in 6th grade so I guess that’s the only time Erin acknowledges Carson is only 9.”

Bringing Up Bates: Erin Bates Shares Sweet Clip Of Kids

Aside from Carson, Erin also took to Instagram to share an adorable clip of Finley and William. The two adorable kids were reading a book. Finley can also be seen teaching her baby brother. “Listen, Willie, Listen! It just doesn’t get sweeter than this,” the Bringing Up Bates star captioned.


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Erin Bates Paine has also been gushing over her husband over the past few weeks. In June, the proud wife shared a lengthy message saying that she could’ve never dreamed of a husband like Chad before, adding that he has surpassed her hopes and expectations for what kind of father he has become to their children.

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