Jason Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @jaseduggar Instagram
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Why Fans Are Convinced Jason Duggar Is Courting Claire Langdon?

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Counting On alum Jason Duggar is making many fans curious following his latest IG post. The 24-year-old recently soft-launched his relationship with a mysterious woman. This created multiple speculations as to who might be Jason’s girlfriend. Some people think that he may be courting Gil and Kelly Jo Bates’ daughter, Addallee. However, several people on Reddit think Jason may be courting Claire Langdon. Keep reading to see why.

Counting On: What Is Jason Duggar Up To Today?

Jason likes to share photos and clips from his workout routines. The Counting On alum has surprised many of his followers over the past few months due to his shirtless photos at the gym. Some even referred to it as a “thirst trap” and his way of saying that he’s ready to enter a relationship. The twelfth Duggar child is presently a licensed contractor.

Jason Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @jaseduggar Instagram
Jason Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @jaseduggar Instagram

He has built and renovated homes over the years. He also runs his own construction company, Build Master Construction, in Arkansas. In 2023, Jason started his own tree care company, Tree Men. It’s clear to see that he’s now ready to settle down in life with a loved one. Due to this, fans can’t help but investigate who may be the woman he’s courting.

Why Fans Are Convinced Jason Is Courting Claire Langdon?

Some Counting On fans on Reddit discussed the possibility that Jason is courting Claire Langdon. The poster shared multiple links featuring Jason and Claire’s bonding moments. The Reddit user also pointed out that several members of the Langdon family only follow Jason Duggar on social media, fueling speculation that something is up between the two. Meanwhile, many commenters were surprised by the possible pieces of evidence that the poster pulled out.

Jason Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @jaseduggar Instagram
Jason Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @jaseduggar Instagram
  • “The more I read about this, the more I am convinced the girl in Jason’s photos is Claire Langdon. And I’m sure this is Mama Spivey right now going through social media and Reddit! Btw, I know she is among the Duggar inner circle/family who lurks on this sub!!”
  • “I wonder if he was in Knoxville when James was there a few weeks ago. . James was at Tiffany and Lawson’s baby shower and Emma Langdon’s graduation party from Crown the next day.”
  • “The Jason and Claire rumors started when they were photographed together at Katie Bates’ wedding in December, 2021. Rumors continued as more photos of them together were posted over the next few months, such as at Lawson and Tiffany’s wedding. Two and a half years is a very long courtship in the fundie world.”

Counting On: Is There Another Duggar-Langdon Courtship?

Aside from Jason, there are also speculations that James is pursuing another Langdon girl. It was reported that the Counting On alum traveled to Tennessee to attend Emma Langdon’s graduation party. He was the only Duggar in attendance, and the way he looked so formal made his appearance more suspicious. There are also photos of James spending time with a mysterious woman.

James Duggar & Tiffany Bates, Sourced From @jamesaduggar Instagram
James Duggar & Tiffany Bates, Sourced From @jamesaduggar Instagram

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