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Jason Duggar Shading Sister Jill By Promoting Different Book?

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Counting On alum Jason Duggar is back on social media after a long absence. Some of his posts may look a lot different from what he used to share before. Apparently, the 12th Duggar child has been focusing more on his spirituality. However, his latest IG stories may also be a shot at his sister, Jill Dillard, who’s about to release a book against their church. Keep reading to learn more.

Counting On: Jill Dillard’s Busy Week

Jill has been busy over the past few weeks as she gets ready for the release of her book, “Counting The Cost.” She has also been participating in interviews to promote her title, which aims to expose the questionable teachings of the IBLP. There are already sneak peeks at the contents of her book. One of which is a story about how her father, Jim Bob, treats her worse than her disgraced brother, Josh. The mother of three has also treated herself by having a hair makeover. Some Counting On fans also commend Derick for being a supportive husband.

Jill Derick Instagram
Photo Credit: @jillmdillard Instagram

Jason Shading Jill’s Book?

Jason recently returned to social media to share that he’s been studying the book of Galatians. However, his sudden return ahead of “Counting The Cost”‘s release may look suspicious. The Counting On alum even encouraged his followers to read the book amid Jill’s non-stop promotions on Instagram.

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Jason Duggar has been preaching about the “denial of the flesh,” which stands for stepping away from worldly pleasures including alcoholic beverages, sexual relations, and other activities that can lead to disconnection from God. Some fans also think it’s one of the main reasons why he still hasn’t entered courtship despite his age.

Counting On: More Damage Control For The Duggars?

Some Counting On fans are noticing the sudden activities of the Duggars amid Jill’s book promotions. One of which is Jessa Seewald’s pregnancy announcement, which seemed perfectly timed for some. There are also discussions on Reddit that she could’ve announced it earlier, as she was speculated to be already expecting for several weeks. Others even consider it Jim Bob and Michelle’s way to overshadow the controversial book.

Jessa Ben Instagram
Photo Credit: @jessaseewald Instagram
  • “The timing is definitely peculiar. Makes you wonder what’s going to creep out of the woodwork in the coming days,” one person said.
  • “Yep. The timing is definitely sus but its not going to work. I think the public want to hear just how dysfunctional the Duggars really are.,” another commenter added.

Aside from pregnancy announcements, many are also keeping their eyes close to James Duggar after reports claimed that he’s dating a Bates girl.

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