Amy Duggar & Dillon King From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @amyrachelleking Instagram
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‘Counting On’ Amy Duggar’s ‘Most Embarrassing’ Day Recalled By Fans

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Counting On alum Amy Duggar King is one of the most controversial members of the Duggar family. The 37-year-old is often referred to as the rebellious cousin of the family. It also appears that she’s been embracing the image she had during the show. Recently, Amy caught the attention of many after some Redditors recalled one of the “most embarrassing” things she did online. Keep reading to see her shocking post.

Counting On: Amy Duggar Calls Herself The Family’s Black Sheep

Some Redditors recently reacted to Amy’s IG update. The former Counting On star changed some of her IG bio, such as being “Daxton’s snack dealer” and “CEO of my own circus.” But Dillon’s wife raised some eyebrows after calling herself the Duggar black sheep. According to some, it appears that the Duggar cousin is trying her best to stay relevant by tying herself to the supersized family. Meanwhile, some think Amy is not the family’s black sheep.

Amy Duggar & Jill Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @amyrachelleking Instagram
Amy Duggar & Jill Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @amyrachelleking Instagram
  • “Gotta find creative ways to keep the Duggar name in your profile. Still a child advocate.”
  • “CEO of my own imaginary circus”. FIFY F’Amy. Also the Duggar Black Sheep? Not even close. If you ask RimJob, it’s Jill. If you ask anyone else, it’s Pest.”
  • “It doesn’t really hit hard because she is not a black sheep in her immediate family. It’s weird to base part of your identity on being the black sheep of your extended family. Especially when you have always had a different lived experience than that extended family and everyone acknowledges it. It is just an extension of how she was portrayed on 19KAC.”
  • “We get it, Famy. You did an edible once.”

Fans Recall Amy’s Most Embarrassing Day

Some Reddit users from a different thread also discussed one of Amy’s most embarrassing moments on social media. According to the poster, the time when the Counting On alum allegedly sent herself a message and pretended it to be someone will always give them a chuckle. Amy Duggar King claims that she received a message from a stranger telling her to have more children and lose weight. But some Redditors think it’s obvious that nobody would send her such a message.

Amy Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From Reddit / @amyrachelleking Instagram
Amy Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From Reddit / @amyrachelleking Instagram
  • “Oh my. I am laughing so hard she made her own hate message. How narcissistic.”
  • “And of course they put in a positive message like “you are such a good mom” before going into full rant.”
  • “It’s like she sent herself that comment when she was drunk and forgot about it.”
  • “What’s even worse is that I totally believe she does get hate messages from both fundies and snarkers. Why make one up? I guess she couldn’t find a real one that hit every bullet point she wanted to rant about.”

Counting On: What Is Amy Duggar Up To Today?

Amy likes to share unforgettable moments with her family. Recently, the Counting On alum gushed over how she and her Dillon got to date once a week throughout February. She’s also been making extra efforts to play with her son outdoors. On February 28th, the former TLC star shared that she brought Daxton to a trampoline park.

Amy Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @amyrachelleking Instagram
Amy Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @amyrachelleking Instagram

Amy Duggar King has also been hustling online by endorsing different products. She also runs her own clothing business called 3130 Clothing. She used to have a physical store, but she now sells most of her items online.

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