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Facebook Down? Unable To Post New Stories To Pages, Timeline

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If you are trying to post to Facebook this morning, you may notice that it is down. You can read stories, and scroll through stuff, but you can’t post anything new. This is happening on pages and timelines both.

Facebook Down?

If you are trying to post, you may think you have an issue, but Facebook seems to be down for a lot of people. Twitter went crazy with people upset that it wouldn’t work for them.

Here is what some people had to say about Facebook being down today.

  • Facebook and instagram are down for me I can’t post so here I am.
  • #FacebookDown apparently worldwide? xx
  • facebook is down again, cant post anything. hello x
  • Everyone running to check X to see if #facebookdown is real
  • I think@facebook is down. I haven’t been able to post anything for the last 15 minutes.

Group Posting Still Works

If you are trying to share in a group on Facebook, that seems to still be working. You can post in groups, but that seems to be the only place that you can post on the social network. For now, there is no update on how long this will be down. It is interesting that group posts are still working for some reason on Facebook today when other posting isn’t working at all.

Instagram Down?

Some people are saying that Instagram is down as well. Facebook and Instagram are ran by the same company so that would make sense that it went down at the same time. It did work for the staff at Entertainment Chronicle to post though so this may be down for just some people.

Is your Facebook down? Did you think that something else had happened like a block? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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