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Will Facebook Be Charging $4.99 A Month?

mandy robinson

A new viral post on Facebook is sharing that they are going to start charging $4.99 a month to use the social media site. This is being shared all over the social media site and everyone is starting to believe it. So is it true? Snopes has been able to find out the truth about this one.

What Does This Post Say?

This post being shared on Facebook says: “So now there doing it, we just seen on Channel 13 News that Facebook is charging all user’s starting Monday. You can do a opt-out by this. Hold your fingers over and copy, it can’t be a share they will know: I do not give permission to Facebook to charge 4.99$ a month to my account, also; all my picture’s are property of myself and not Facebook.”

Is Facebook Going To Be Charging?

This isn’t true at all and Facebook will not be charging you to use their site. There is no evidence at all that this is true and there is no reason for you to share it on your timeline. It is just a scam. Facebook makes money from ads and they do not need to charge users to use their platform.

Feel free to keep using the social media platform without paying and also don’t feel the need to copy and paste this to your page so that they won’t charge you. Back in February of 2021, Facebook even told Snopes that they would not be charging users. This hoax comes up every few months and is shared once again by users going viral. It will probably continue to happen as well.

Here is an example of what is being shared all over Facebook.

Did you believe that Facebook would be charging you to use their site? Sound off in the comments below.

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