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‘My 600-lb Life’: How Is Pauline Potter From Season 3?

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My 600-lb Life alum Pauline Potter appeared in Season 3 weighting at 700 pounds. She was a former record holder in 2011 as the heaviest female. However, her weight never did anything good for her health. She sought help from Dr. Now in 2015. The California native even had doubts about her weight loss procedures and almost withdrew from her program. Fortunately, she later found motivation and is now one of the most inspiring stars in the franchise today. Keep reading to see what she’s been up to this year.

My 600-lb Life: Pauline Potter Lost Massive Pounds After Addition

After following her weight loss plan, Pauline lost 44 pounds, which is also the time when Dr. Now approved her surgery. However, things weren’t as smooth as it seemed when she had her surgery. The My 600-lb Life alum continued to gain weight and developed an addiction to painkillers.

My 600-lb Life Pauline Instagram
Photo Credit: @pauline.potter Instagram

But with the help of her son and Dr. Now, Pauline was able to get back on track and later lost 300 pounds, which gave her the green light for skin removal surgery. Since then, the former TLC star has continued with her healthy lifestyle and has shared her inspiring journey on social media. Reports are saying that she has maintained a good weight after dropping over 500 lbs.

Pauline Continues To Stay In Touch With Dr. Now

Pauline has also been in touch with Dr. Now behind cameras. Back in 2020, the My 600-lb Life alum shared a photo with the doctor during a checkup regarding the wounds on her legs. She also revealed weighting at 223 lbs at home but was scaled at 225 lbs at the hospital.

Pauline Dr Now Facebook
Photo Credit: Pauline Potter Facebook

It’s clear to see that Pauline Potter has been conscious of her health and weight. Some fans also left positive comments on her selfie with Dr. Now due to the dedication she has shown in her weight loss journey.

  • “Very proud to know you and you are one heck of a success story Pauline!” one person said.
  • “What an inspiration you are!” another fan commented.

My 600-lb Life: Where Is Pauline Potter Now?

Pauline doesn’t post a lot on her social media accounts. However, her latest photos on Facebook show how slim and healthy she has become. It appears that she’s still in the care of her son, Dillon. She has also done a side hustle of live-streaming ticket lottery draws where viewers can participate. Additionally, some of her photos from recent years show that she’s been able to drive alone and has become more active outdoors.

Pauline Potter Facebook
Photo Credit: Pauline Potter Facebook

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