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City Employee In Oklahoma Arrested For Stabbing A Puppy In Head

A city employee in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma was arrested for allegedly stabbing a puppy in the head with a butterknife. The horrific true crime incident happened while a family friend was walking the puppy down a sidewalk and he began barking at two dogs on the other side of a fence.

Here is what happened to the puppy and the man who stabbed it.

City employee arrested for stabbing a puppy in the head

Pauls Valley police arrested a city employee on charges of animal abuse for reportedly stabbing a puppy in the head with a butterknife. Cody Davis manages the Pauls Valley cemeteries. According to Misty Harrison, the dog’s owner, her six-month-old puppy Stormy followed her friend back from the store (via KFOR).

Stormy began barking at a fence where there were two bigger dogs on the other side who began to bark back. Harrison’s grandmother sat on her porch across the street and watched. She said Davis ran out of his house, jumped over the fence, and drove a butterknife into the puppy’s head. He then reportedly jumped the fence and went back into his house.

The result of stabbing a puppy / YouTube

According to Chief Derrick Jolley with the Pauls Valley Police Department, the police showed up. However, he said Davis was too drunk to give a statement that could hold up in court. Jolley was off work due to overtime regulations. Also, he only had two officers on duty, so neither could remain with Davis.

In his statement, Davis said he never stabbed the puppy. He claimed the dogs were barking and the little puppy ran away. Jolley said he has no explanation for why it took two days to get Davis’ statement.

Stormy’s owners couldn’t get puppy back from vet

After Davis reportedly stabbed a puppy with a butterknife, that was not the end of the pain for Harrison. The police rushed Stormy to the vet for help. Harrison went to the vet to get Stormy after they treated him. However, the vet wouldn’t let them have the puppy back.

“We went to get her yesterday and they told us it’d be $410 dollars, which we didn’t have. So they said they have to keep her until we come up with the money,” Harrison told the news site. Harrison said she didn’t have that money and had no idea what she could do about it. The good news is that after the news broke, people came to help.

Someone set up a GoFundMe to raise $410 to get the dog back home. People sent in over $1,000 to help this family. They said Stormy is back home now. As for Davis, he was suspended from his city job with pay until this is resolved and he was arrested on animal abuse charges.

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