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Missing Submarine Found By TikToker? See Shocking Video

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A TikToker with the username @spayl (who goes by Shark), claims he may or may not have found the missing OceanGate Titanic submarine. Now, this TikToker is so confident what he’s found is worth looking into that he’s begging the people in charge of looking for the submarine to take action before it is too late. Why exactly does this TikToker believe there is a possibility he found the missing OceanGate Titanic submarine when no one else seems to be able to find it? Keep reading or scroll down to watch his shocking video.

Missing Submarine Found By TikToker? See Shocking Video

Now, this TikToker is a huge advocate of a free app that can be downloaded in various app stores that allows people to track sharks. Each shark has a name and the app periodically pings each of the sharks and has a map telling people where the sharks are. Now, the TikToker acknowledges that he does have a lot of fun with his followers about whether various sharks might be a megalodon. He, however, is also aware the tracking app has a bit of a glitch in the system. And, he thinks the glitch could be used to find the submarine.

Ocean Gate Submarine
Ocean Gate Submarine

In the video you can watch down below, this TikToker claims he was watching two different sharks on the tracking app. He explained sharks (like all other animals) have patterns in their behaviors. Yet,  the tracker pinged two different sharks near the Titanic wreckage where the submarine was also believed to be lost.

This shark tracking TikTok user explains the app has a glitch where it sometimes pings sharks that are not really there. The app does have people who go in and remove pings that are determined to be a glitch. This TikToker, however, does not believe the extra pings are really glitches. He believes the system is just pinging other things in the water thinking they might be sharks.

More specifically, he believes the two different sharks pinging in the same location near the wreckage before being pinged elsewhere was not a glitch in the system. He suspects the system actually picked up the missing submarine. And, they could use this shark tracker to find the submarine.

Now, the TikToker posted an update just a few hours ago that the pings he believed to be the missing submarine were removed roughly an hour after he made his post sounding the alarm that he used the tracking app to find the submarine. This happening so quickly caused some of his followers to think that perhaps there are people who don’t want the submarine found.

Watch The Shocking Video

Check out the video down below and see what you think:

@sqayl Replying to @Shanna My prediction came true… #Titanic #Submarine #Titan #Ocearch #SharkTracker #Shark #Glitch #Ocean #Mystery ♬ original sound – Shark 🦈

He also uploaded a previous video telling his followers he believed the shark tracking app could be used to find the submarine:

@sqayl Just more coincidences #Submarine #Titan #Nasa #Megalodon #ConspiracyTheory #Ocean #Mystery #Titanic #MichaelJordan #LarryBird #MoonLanding ♬ original sound – Shark 🦈

What do you think about the claims this TikTok user is making? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more news as this story continues to be updated.

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