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Is Instagram Down? Twitter Goes Wild

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In shocking news on May 21, 2023, it looks like Instagram is down for everyone. As you go to the page, it isn’t working and won’t load. Twitter is going crazy and that is all that is trending right now. Everyone is pretty upset that they can’t get to their Instagram pages and were even wondering if they got hacked. Luckily, if yours is down it doesn’t seem like it is just you.

Instagram Down

At this time, Instagram is down. If you go to the social network on your phone, you can see old posts, but if you pull down to refresh nothing will happen. It just keeps spinning and tells you “couldn’t refresh feed.” You can also still check old Instagram Stories. Nothing new has gone up in a while, though.

If you go to the website on a laptop, it won’t even load old feeds. It just takes you to a black page like the entire app is down. There is no way to even see old posts on Instagram when looking at a computer.

If you try to make a post, it says “Something went wrong. Please try again later.” This means nothing new is going up on Instagram right now either. There is no update at all on how long this will be down. Everyone rushed to Twitter to see why it was down, but nobody seems to know. There are just a lot of complaints about it not working at all.

Trending On Twitter

This is trending on Twitter to the point that it is the only thing trending. Things such as My Instagram, My IG and Y’All Instagram are trending right now.

Here are a few of the comments on Twitter.

  • Realizing it’s not just my instagram
  • me coming to twitter to see why My Instagram ain’t working instagram dow
  • My Instagram is down. I tell you, I haven’t seen people this distressed since they found out their favorite coffee shop ran out of oat milk.
  • so it’s not just my instagram ? i thought my phone was off

Other Social Networks Still Up

So far, Facebook seems to still be working. This is a bit surprising seeing that they are owned by the same company. Usually when one goes down, so does the other one. At this time, Twitter is still up as well and so is Snapchat. Whatever is going on seems to just be affecting Instagram.

Is your Instagram down? Sound off in the comments section below.


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