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Dead Body Discovered In Louisiana Arby’s Freezer

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An Arby’s located in Louisiana had the meats nobody asked for stored in their freezer. According to a shocking report from KADN News 15employees at an Arby’s located in Louisiana found more than they bargained for when they walked into the deep freezer and discovered a dead body inside. Who did this dead body belong to? How long had it been there? Keep reading to learn what details about this bizarre story have been made public.

Dead body found inside Louisiana Arby’s freezer

It was on Thursday evening during business hours that an employee at the Arby’s located at  1120 E. Admiral Doyle Drive in New Iberia’s Lagniappe Village shopping center walked into the freezer and found a dead body. New Iberia Police Capt. Leland Laseter tells the outlet police identified the situation as a “suspicious death” as they investigated.

Upon investigation, however, police do not suspect foul play to be behind the body in the Arby’s freezer. In fact, police have identified the body as a female employee of the restaurant and they believe her death was a tragic accident.

“A situation like this is unusual, so we’re taking extra precautions during the investigation. (We) pretty much have completed our process at the crime scene. After completely processing the crime scene… this does not seem like a homicide, it seems like an accident.”

New Iberia Police Capt. Leland Laseter, however, proceeded to clarify those were just the “preliminary findings” and that nothing is set in stone until the medical examiner takes a closer look and determines how the employee passed away.

The police captain continued to explain: “We’re going to re-examine all the evidence tomorrow and they’re going to conduct an autopsy to give us the cause and manner of death. So there are a few more steps that we need to take before a (final) determination is made.”

The body has been picked up and transferred to the medical examiner to determine exactly what happened. At this time, the identity of the employee has not been made public. And, the cause of death has not been released. Though, some suspect that if it was an accident the cause of death would be related to being trapped in a freezer.

Were you surprised to read about a dead body being discovered inside of an Arby’s freezer? How do you think the employee that walked in and found the body first felt? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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