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‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Knew About Josh’s Latest Issue In Jail?

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Counting On star Anna Duggar has been silent on social media for months. She has also deleted her Instagram account, making it harder for fans to get updates about her and her family. However, eagle-eyed fans often spot Anna with the Duggars. There are also insiders claiming that things haven’t been great between Anna and some of the Duggar kids. Now, Anna is making headlines as fans speculate that she’s aware of Josh Duggar’s recent issues in jail.

Counting On: Anna Duggar Knew about Josh Duggar’s Latest Issue In Jail?

Counting On fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on the possibility that Anna Duggar knew about Josh Duggar’s latest issue in jail. Apparently, reports claimed that Josh was caught with a phone in prison. It was also reported that Josh was sent to solitary confinement as a punishment. However, fans think it will put Anna on the wrong side, especially if she’s the one who gave Josh the phone. At this point, Anna has yet to confirm if the allegations are true. But fans assume that she’s been on Josh’s side ever since.

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The Video Call Allegations

Counting On star Josh Duggar also made headlines after he was reportedly video calling someone while in prison. According to some, it was highly possible that Josh had been talking to Anna Duggar to check on the kids. There are also speculations that Jim Bob Duggar has been trying his best to defend his son and reduce his years in prison. However, it seems that his recent actions are only making things worse.

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Counting On: Where Is Anna Duggar Now?

At this point, Counting On star Anna Duggar has yet to share her whereabouts. However, it was reported that Anna has been with the Duggar family in Arkansas since Josh Duggar’s arrest. She also stayed in Texas with her siblings for quite some time. But it seems that most of her kids are in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s care. It’s also reported that some of the Duggars are not happy about Anna’s faith in Josh despite the strong evidence against him.

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It’s clear to see that Josh’s arrest brought so many problems to the Duggar family. It also appears that Josh’s arrest fueled some of the Duggars to finally speak up and expose the questionable lifestyle of the family. One of them is Jinger Duggar, who recently released a book that talks about the harmful ideology of the IBLP. Do you think the family can ever escape the controversy? Let us know in the comments below.

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