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‘Counting On’: The Duggars Finally Stepped Away From THIS Tradition?

Michael Malley

Counting On fans have seen the big changes in the Duggar family’s traditions throughout the years. It’s noticeable how some of them have stepped away from their beliefs, especially when it comes to dress codes and embracing the modern world. Jinger Duggar even wrote a book that exposes the harmful ideology of the IBLP and Bill Gothard. However, fans are curious if the Duggars are still following one of their most popular traditions back in the day.

Counting On: The Duggars Finally Stepped Away From This Tradition?

Counting On fans from Reddit shared their thoughts if the Duggars are still following one of their most popular traditions back then. It’s none other than buying “used” items to save more money. Apparently, the Duggars love to go thrift shopping and buy second-hand items at much cheaper prices. It was even documented during their early seasons with TLC. However, as years go by, fans start to notice the changes in the family.

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According to some, it seems that most of the Duggars are no longer prioritizing second-hand items. Some Duggars have also shown signs of embracing the modern world. One of them is Jinger Duggar, who’s been living an expensive lifestyle in Los Angeles. But there are still some Duggars who love thrift shopping. One of them is Jill Duggar, who loves to buy plants, toys, and other useful items in a thrift store.

Dress Codes Are No Longer Strict?

Counting On fans also think that the Duggars are no longer strict when it comes to dress codes. Apparently, fans recalled the time when Michelle Duggar herself wore pants during their trip to Los Angeles. Jinger Duggar also revealed that she tried looking for answers in the bible about forbidding women from wearing pants and shorts but she couldn’t find any. Joy-Anna Duggar also took to social media recently to share that she and Austin Forsyth already talked about dress codes and her decision to wear pants during the first day of their marriage.

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Counting On: Michelle Duggar’s Recent Sightings

Counting On stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been laying low on social media over the past few months. It appears that they’re keeping themselves away from all the negativities after Josh Duggar’s CSAM arrest. Apparently, many are not happy about how Jim Bob and Michelle tried to defend their disgraced son. However, eagle-eyed fans are still able to spot Michelle in different places. At one point, a fan shared a photo of Michelle in Israel. The reason behind her trip to Israel remains unclear. But fans assume that she was with James Duggar and the other kids.

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Meanwhile, there are still no major updates regarding Jim Bob. But Joy-Anna Duggar’s previous vlog about her pregnancy reveal shows that he’s still in touch with the kids and has been busy looking after his grandkids. Would you like to see them return to television? Let us know in the comments below.

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