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Is There A Rift In The Duggar Family After Josh’s Sentencing?

Counting On fans have been keeping their eyes close to the Duggar family over the past few weeks. Apparently, fans want to know what the Duggars have been up to since Josh Duggar’s sentence. However, most of them remained silent and fans think they’ve been trying to avoid all the critics on social media. Fans also believe that there’s been a rift in the Duggar family as some of them are siding with Josh while they others want him to get punished.

Counting On: Is There A Rift In The Duggar Family After Josh Duggar’s Sentence

Counting On fans took to Reddit to discuss the possibility that there’s a rift in the family after Josh Duggar’s sentence. Apparently, fans have seen who’s siding with Josh and who’s not throughout his hearings. Some of them even took to social media to talk about how people like Josh should be punished. Due to this, fans think that Josh’s CSAM arrest created a huge rift in the family.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar also went headlines for their attempts to help Josh defend his case. Some also believe that Jim Bob and Michelle’s efforts to help Josh disappointed many of their kids and they’re no longer talking to them at this point.

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Fans Think That Anna Is Not In Good Terms With Most Of The Duggars

Counting On fans also believe that Anna Duggar is no longer on good terms with most of the Duggars, especially those who are against Josh Duggar. However, fans believe that Anna is also having a feud with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Apparently, reports claimed that Anna was upset by Jim Bob and Michelle’s lack of efforts to help Josh defend his case. But fans think that the two couldn’t do anything due to the strong pieces of evidence against their son.

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Counting On: Amy Duggar Has Been Calling Them Out

Counting On star Amy Duggar has been expressing her hatred towards Josh Duggar over the past few weeks. She also shared that she’s satisfied with the 12 and a half years that Josh will spend in jail.

Amy also took to social media to share a strong message for Anna Duggar encouraging her to divorce Josh. However, fans think that Anna will never leave Josh as she still believes that he’s innocent. Meanwhile, fans are expecting more controversial posts from Amy when it comes to the Duggar family, especially now that Josh is spending time in jail.

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At this point, Anna has yet to share her comments about Amy’s message with her. But fans think that she will continue to snub Amy due to her estrangement from the family.

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