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‘Sister Wives’: What Happened To Janelle & Meri’s Land In Coyote Pass?

Sister Wives fans have been curious about what Kody Brown has been up to since three of his wives left. There are reports that Kody has been struggling financially. However, fans were surprised to see Kody and Robyn Brown spending some time in Las Vegas. Paedon Brown has also teased that they’re already working on a new season, which may provide more updates about the family. Meanwhile, fans are more eager to know what happened to Janelle Brown and Meri Brown’s land in Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives: What Happened To Janelle Brown & Meri Brown’s Land In Coyote Pass?

Sister Wives fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on what happened to Janelle Brown and Meri Brown’s land in Coyote Pass. Apparently, fans are curious if Janelle and Meri sold their land after their split with Kody Brown. However, some fans were able to look it up online and saw that Janelle and Meri still own their part in the land. Their plans for the land remain unclear. But fans assume that Kody will no longer build his ambitious housing project after three of his wives left. There are also speculations that Meri and Janelle will eventually give up their land to Kody.

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Christine Gave Up Her Land

Sister Wives star Christine Brown was the first to give up her land in Coyote Pass. According to reports, Christine sold her part in the Coyote Pass land to Kody Brown after their split. Meanwhile, fans are glad that Christine no longer has anything to go back to in Flagstaff. Fans also think Christine did a wise decision of stepping away and avoiding all possible conflicts in the future regarding the properties. At this point, Christine is now living her best life in Utah with her new boyfriend, David Woolley. She has also revealed that David has been so nice to her kids and has been treating her like a queen.

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown & Robyn Brown Moving Soon?

Paedon Brown recently went live on social media to share major updates about the plural family. However, Paedon caught the attention of many after revealing that Kody Brown and Robyn Brown are looking to downsize. It appears that Kody and Robyn are starting to feel the absence of the three wives. Paedon also claimed that they have no plans to leave Flagstaff. Due to this, some fans assume that Kody and Robyn may end up selling the mansion and moving to a small property.

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Meanwhile, fans are hoping that TLC will document Kody and Robyn’s plans to downsize. Many are also curious if TLC will bring Christine and her new lover in the upcoming season. What would you like to see for Season 18? Let us know in the comments below.

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