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‘Counting On’: Claire Langdon Hinting An Upcoming Duggar Wedding?

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Counting On fans have been speculating which Duggar is going to get married next. It’s been quite some time since fans last saw a Duggar wedding. However, there are rumors that one may be in the works. Apparently, Jason Duggar has been speculated to have an ongoing relationship with Claire Langon, a family friend of the Duggars. Claire even fueled the rumors even further after sharing what may be her future relocation with a special someone.

Counting On: Claire Langdon Hinting An Upcoming Duggar Wedding?

Counting On fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on Claire Langdon’s recent post on her Pinterest board. Apparently, Claire shared that she’s currently renovating an RV. It’s known that mobile homes are usually a starting place for newlywed Duggars. Due to this, fans speculated that Claire may be getting help from someone in the conservative family, and many believe that it’s her rumored boyfriend, Jason Duggar. “Yep, I smell a Duggar wedding around the corner,” one person said. Meanwhile, some fans feel bad for Claire as most of her content on Pinterest seems to depict that her life is already planned for her.

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Photo Credit: Reddit

Jason’s Sudden Absence

Counting On fans have been noticing Jason Duggar’s social media absence as well. His last post was about a concert he attended last year. There are also speculations that Claire Langdon was with Jason during the concert. At this point, Jason has yet to share his comments regarding his rumored relationship with Claire. It also appears that he’s been avoiding social media since the recent controversies of the Duggar family.

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Counting On: Where Are They Now?

Counting On fans are having a hard time getting more updates from Claire Langdon due to her private social media accounts. But it’s clear that she’s been busy with her RV. On the other hand, Jason is often spotted in James Duggar’s recent vlogs. He also flew with James and his other siblings in Europe, showing that he’s still with the Duggar family. Apparently, reports claimed that some of the Duggars are starting to step away from their beliefs, especially after Jinger Duggar released her book, Becoming Free Indeed.

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Photo Credit: @jingervuolo Instagram

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have yet to share major updates about their family. The two have been laying low on social media since Josh Duggar’s CSAM arrest. However, Michelle was recently spotted in Israel, and fans believe she’s now trying to live her best life privately. Should they remain private or start coming into the light again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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