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‘Counting On’: Amy Slammed For Doing THIS To Son During Livestream

Counting On star Amy Duggar has been one of the most active Duggars today. Most of the time, Amy shares adorable updates with her family, especially with her son, Daxton. Amy has also shown support to her cousin, Jinger Duggar, for finally stepping away from the IBLP and exposing their “cult-like” teachings. Now, Amy is making headlines once again as fans call her out in her latest livestream.

Counting On: Amy Duggar Slammed For Doing This To Son During Livestream

Counting On fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on Amy Duggar’s latest livestream with her son, Daxton. Apparently, Amy was preparing a meal during it. However, Daxton caught the attention of many as he starts to balance on the edge of the counter. “On one side, an edge with a long drop. On the other side, fire! What could go wrong?” one person said. “How does a mom not move the kid away from the edge?!” another person added. At this point, Amy has yet to share her comments regarding the recent backlash of her livestream. But fans assume that she is aware of the criticism.

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Amy’s Rebellious Title

Counting On star Amy Duggar has earned the title of a rebellious Duggar throughout the years. However, Amy has made it clear that it’s a lot different than what everyone thinks. During an interview, Amy revealed that she became “rebellious” due to her not growing up in the same lifestyle as the Duggar family in Arkansas. She was able to do the “worldly” things that the Duggar kids were not allowed to back in the day, giving her such a reputation. But Amy made it clear that she’s been in touch with her cousins and she truly loves them.

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Counting On: Will Amy Duggar Reunite With The Family?

At this point, Counting On star Amy Duggar has yet to share if she’s going to reunite with the Duggar family in Arkansas. Apparently, things went south again between Amy and some of the Duggars since Josh Duggar’s CSAM arrest. She’s been trying to hint at exposing the wrongdoings of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar as well, and fans believe it’s one of the main reasons why nobody in the Duggar family talks about her anymore.

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Meanwhile, fans are glad that Amy is still living her best life despite her distance from the Duggar family. Some fans also think Amy has a higher chance of getting a spinoff with TLC compared to the other Duggars today. Would you like to see her in her own show? Let us know in the comments below.

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