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‘Counting On’: James Shares Dangerous Activity No Duggar Has Done

Michael Malley

Counting On star James Duggar has been one of the most active Duggars today. Most of the time, James shares his recent adventures with some of his friends and siblings on YouTube. He even once named his YouTube channel “Duggars Gone Wild” but later changed it to “Duggar Vlog.” According to some, it may be an indication that James is preparing to share more videos about the Duggar family. Yet, it seems that it’s not the case with his latest vlog. Apparently, James shared a new video featuring what may be one of the most dangerous activities that no Duggar has ever done.

Counting On: James Duggar Shares Dangerous Activity No Duggar Has Ever Done

In a YouTube post, Counting On star James Duggar shared an 18-minute video featuring his dangerous playtime with some of his friends and siblings. The video starts off with James and his team modifying the cars that they’re going to use for their “cars+soccer” game. Moments later, James shared drone footage featuring their dangerous playtime in a massive land. They crashed into each other a lot of times, but it’s clear that the boys really had fun. Fans also praised James for his creativity and efforts in making unforgettable memories with his friends.

Counting On James Duggar YouTube
Photo Credit: Duggar Vlog YouTube

James & Friends Went Racing & Played Tug-Of-War

Counting On star James Duggar later revealed that went racing in the massive land with their damaged cars. They were driving so fast, making a lot of fans worried. James also revealed that they even played tug-of-war using cars. He also shared a clip of them indoors waiting for the premiere of her vlog. Jason Duggar was also there to support his brother.

James Duggar YouTube
Photo Credit: Duggar Vlog YouTube

Counting On: Fans Feel Bad For The Cars

Some Counting On fans is not amused by James Duggar’s latest vlog. According to some, it seems that James didn’t think through the amount of damage that the cars can receive, which could end up being very expensive. Fans are also curious as to where James will get all the money to fix the cars, especially now that he still hasn’t had a job. Some think James and his friends will end up contributing to the repairs of the vehicles. Some believe Jim Bob Duggar will play a big role when it comes to financial support.

Jason James 1 Instagram
Photo Credit: @jaseduggar Instagram

It’s clear to see that James has become one of the most adventurous Duggars today. But fans are hoping that James will tune it down when it comes to his dangerous activities despite his growing popularity. Do you enjoy seeing his activities? Let us know in the comments below.

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