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‘Sister Wives’: Fans Rank The Best Wedding In The Brown Family

Sister Wives fans have seen a lot of weddings from the Brown family throughout the years. Some fans also find it unfortunate that things fell apart in the plural family since their move to Flagstaff. According to some, it’s possible that future weddings will no longer be documented by TLC, especially after Kody’s split with three of his wives. Due to this, fans have decided to rank the best wedding they have seen in the Brown family.

Sister Wives: Fans Rank The Best Wedding In The Brown Family

Sister Wives fans from Reddit discussed who in the Brown family had the best wedding throughout the years. The contenders were Aspyn, Maddie, Logan, Robyn, and Mykelti. However, the majority voted for Logan for having the best wedding so far. According to some, having a beer boy at a wedding is an incredible experience. Yes, one of his brothers handed out beers to guests as he walked down the aisle. “Logan. I’m old and didn’t realize you could have a beer fairy. My family would have really loved that,” one person said. “I went with Logan based on pictures the venue is beautiful and looked like they had a great time dancing and stuff,” another person added.

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Logan’s Wedding Was The Turning Point For Janelle & Kody?

Sister Wives fans also think that Logan Brown’s wedding was memorable as many consider it as the turning point for Janelle Brown and Kody Brown’s relationship. Apparently, Kody was supposed to sit next to Janelle Brown due to their son getting married, which has been always the tradition in most weddings. However, Kody was seated next to Robyn Brown in the guests’ corner far from Janelle. According to some, it was a clear message for them that Kody and Janelle were no longer on good terms during Logan’s wedding.

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Sister Wives: Will The Brown Kids Get Their Own Spinoff?

At this point, TLC has yet to share if they have plans to give the Brown kids their own spinoff. But Sister Wives fans think most of them aren’t interested in getting filmed. Some of them even began to live a private life away from their TV fame. However, there are still several children who are utilizing the popularity of their parents such as Paedon Brown and Gwendlyn Brown, who have been sharing updates about the plural family since Season 17 ended. Mykelti Padron also took to social media recently to announce her Patreon where she answers questions from fans for a small fee.

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Meanwhile, Christine, Janelle, and Meri have been living their best lives since leaving Kody Brown. It also appears that Kody has no plans on reconciling with them after the controversial tell-all. What are your thoughts on their relationships in the future? Let us know your thoughts here.

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