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’90 Day Fiance’: Elizabeth Potthast & Baby Winston Update

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90 Day Fiance star Elizabeth Potthast has been making headlines after giving birth to her second child, Winston Leo Castravet. Family and friends of Elizabeth have been sending her positive messages online. Fans have been patiently waiting for Elizabeth to share updates about her son as well. Some are also glad that Elizabeth is now living her best life with Andrei Castravet despite the recent issues with his green card. Now, Elizabeth is back to share another update for the fans. This time, Elizabeth is sharing how she’s been doing after giving birth to Winston.

90 Day Fiance: Elizabeth Potthast Shares 10th Day Postpartum

In a social media post, 90 Day Fiance star Elizabeth Potthast shared how she’s been doing on the 10th day of her postpartum. It seems that Elizabeth has finally regained her strength back. She also talked about feeling great about becoming smaller again. “It was becoming difficult to get around,” she added followed by a laughing emoji. Fans have been noticing Elizabeth’s glowing looks as well, and some think it’s due to her happiness since the arrival of Winston.

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Elizabeth Shares Eleanor Enjoying Her Role As A Big Sister

90 Day Fiance star Elizabeth Potthast also took to social media to share that her daughter Eleanor is enjoying her role as a big sister to Winston. Elizabeth even shared a picture of Eleanor rocking and kissing her baby brother. Meanwhile, some think that Eleanor’s love for Winston is a result of Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet’s incredible parenting. Elizabeth also left the fans in awe recently after sharing a clip of Eleanor looking so excited seeing her little brother for the first time.

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90 Day Fiance: Elizabeth Potthast Doesn’t Mind Getting Tired Caring For Winston

90 Day Fiance star Elizabeth Potthast also shared a recent picture with her newborn son on social media. However, it’s not just an ordinary picture. Apparently, Elizabeth revealed that she’s exhausted and looking too tired in the photo. But it’s not stopping her from relishing every moment she has with Winston. Fans are also praising Elizabeth for being a good role model to other mothers, especially when it comes to taking care of the kids.

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Photo Credit: @elizabethcastravet Instagram

It’s clear to see that Winston is relieving all the stress that Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet have been going through lately. Meanwhile, fans are hoping that Elizabeth will soon share more adorable updates with Winston. Are you happy that the couple has been successful in their marriage? Do you look forward to seeing them on your television? Let us know in the comments below.

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