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‘Elvis’ Is A Hit With Audiences, A Dark Story Of The King’s Rise To Stardom

The latest Baz Luhrmann film came to theaters around the country this week. Elvis is a brand new biopic about the rock and roll legend himself, Elvis Presley.

For decades, Elvis has been a core component of pop culture in the United States. But few know the sinister story behind his rise to fame.

Moviegoers will get a chance to learn more about the darker side of the King’s rise and fall from grace from the point of view of his former manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

Elvis slides onto the summer movie scene and shows the King in a brand new light

Most people can name at least one Elvis song — he’s just that iconic. But not everyone knows what exactly went on behind the scenes during Elvis Presley’s rise to international stardom.

Elvis/Warner Bros. Pictures

The story is told through the eyes of Elvis’ former manager, Col. Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). He does everything in his power to make Elvis (Austin Butler) a star — no matter what it takes. Over the course of decades, the rock and roll superstar becomes overworked, run-down, and addicted to drugs. And Parker only adds fuel to the flames.

The film is a little long and stands at two hours and 39 minutes. However, it does an excellent job of keeping audience members captivated. In true Baz Luhrmann fashion, the storytelling is phenomenal.

Elvis is a biopic unlike any other. It’s a biographical film filled with great camera angles, foreshadowing, and of course, Baz Luhrmann’s use of a perfectly-timed firework.

Right now, the new film is scoring pretty well with audiences and critics alike. Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie a 79% while audience members give it a 94% approval rating.

Elvis/Rotten Tomatoes

The film has a PG-13 rating, but can easily entertain young and older moviegoers alike. Older audience members will really enjoy the nostalgia while younger viewers will get a taste of a time gone by.

The King created his image based on the work of People of Color

Although Elvis is wildly entertaining, it’s also pretty informative. People all over the world recognize Elvis Presley as “the King” for his legendary music style. But the movie helps audience members realize that he wouldn’t have his fame or status without Black musicians and creators.

However, Black musicians were largely unwelcome on the greater music scene. Elvis Presley was able to copy their sound — and people let him perform because he was white. The film does address these issues, although in a more subtle tone. But audiences will definitely be able to pick up on this when they go to see the movie.

Interested in seeing Elvis in theaters? Take a look at the trailer and get a glimpse of all the action and drama you’ll see onscreen.

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