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‘Sister Wives’: Fans Predict Christine’s Storyline In Rumored New Season

Sister Wives fans have been praising Christine Brown since her split with Kody Brown. Apparently, fans are glad that Christine is now living her best life in Utah. Christine also received a spinoff from TLC after her split with Kody called Cooking With Just Christine. According to some, it clearly indicates that Christine still has ties with TLC despite her split with Kody. Now, there are rumors stating that the plural family is already working on a new season. Fans are also starting to predict Christine’s storyline as many believe she will still be a part of it.

Sister Wives: Fans Predict Christine Brown’s Storyline In Rumored New Season

Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to discuss Christine Brown’s storyline if Season 17 happens. According to some, they’re hoping that Christine will enter the show as Kody Brown’s ex and will share her life in Utah away from the plural family. Some also think that TLC should give Christine and Kody a couch interview where they share a deeper dive into their split. Others are also speculating that Christine might even return to the plural family as the final storyline of the show.

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Will TLC Give The Plural Family Another Shot?

At this point, TLC has yet to confirm if they will give the plural family another season. However, Sister Wives fans have been eager to know more about the plural family, especially now that they’ve been struggling in Flagstaff.  It also appears that things are getting more interesting as Kody’s unfair relationship with Robyn Brown is getting exposed even more. Due to this, fans think that there’s a high possibility that the network company will give the plural family another shot.

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Sister Wives: Will Kody Brown Finally Fix His Struggling Family?

Sister Wives fans are also hoping that Kody Brown will do something to fix his struggling family if ever TLC will give them another season. Apparently, Kody has been failing to keep his wives on the same page over the last few seasons. However, fans think that Kody’s ambitious housing project in Coyote Pass will be the key for him to restoring his family. Some also think that Kody should start treating his other wives equally if he wants his plural family to become functional.

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It’s clear to see that things are still not looking good for the plural family. But fans are not losing hope that Kody will come up with something to end their struggles.

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