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‘Counting On’: Michelle & Jim Bob Wasted Their Children’s Potential?

Michael Malley

Counting On fans have seen the Duggar family’s homeschooling tradition throughout the years. Most of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar’s children were homeschooled. Most of them also grew in the same career environment, such as house flipping and construction. However, fans think that Jim Bob and Michelle lost a lot of potential from their kids due to their traditions. According to some, the Duggars would have a much different life if they all went to college.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar & Jim Bob Duggar Wasted Their Children’s Potential?

Counting On fans took Reddit to discuss the wasted potential of the Duggar kids. “School isn’t for everyone, however, imagine if all 19 children were a professional in something. Some are doctors, nurses, dentists, plumbers, technicians, etc. Do you know how much money they could save?” one person said. Others agree and said that things will be a lot different if the Duggars went to college. Fans also pointed out that they don’t seem to do that much in real estate, which is one of the family’s known businesses. “They don’t even seem to be actual real estate agents — they have the license, but it seems to be only so they have access to listings and is used for their own personal dealings,” another person added.

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Fans Think Jim Bob & Michelle Only See Their Kids As Trophies

Counting On fans are also accusing Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar of never actually caring about their kids. According to some, Jim Bob and Michelle don’t want to spend that much for college, which is why they tried homeschooling. Some also think that the two only see their kids as trophies. “It’s like these kids are just trophies to stick on the mantle. Here they are, 19 results of our humping. We love having them here to look at and dust,” another person added.

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Counting On: The Adults Are Starting To Change Their Ways

Counting On fans also think that some of the adult Duggars are starting to change their ways when it comes to homeschooling. One of which is Jill Duggar. Apparently, fans are praising Jill for enrolling her son, Israel in a real school. She also said that she’s been homeschooling her younger son, Sam, to prepare him for kindergarten. Fans also think that Jinger Duggar will soon enroll her daughters in a real school as well. However, some are still following the Duggar family’s homeschooling tradition such as Jessa Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar.

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It’s clear to see that things are changing in the Duggar family in recent years. Some also pointed out that most of the Duggar girls are starting to wear pants including Michelle Duggar, which is against their dress codes.

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