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‘Counting On’: Anna Slammed For Trying To Alter Josh’s Arrest

Counting On fans have seen Anna Duggar’s efforts to take the side of her husband, Josh Duggar, during his CSAM arrest. According to reports, Anna believes that Josh is innocent despite all the strong pieces of evidence of his immoral sins. It also appears that Anna will never take back her actions of trying to defend her husband. Anna has been inactive on her social media for quite some time. However, fans were surprised the see Anna posting a big announcement relating to Josh’s arrest. Apparently, Anna shared a link that talks about the “real story” of Josh’s case. However, fans are not having any of it and think that Anna is just trying to change the story.

Counting On: Anna Duggar Slammed For Trying To Change The Story Of Josh’s Arrest

Counting On fans took Reddit to discuss Anna Duggar’s recent post about the story behind her husband’s arrest. “There is more to the story,” Anna wrote, followed by a link that directs to the page where Anna explains Josh’s side. However, fans are not having it and say that the truth has already been exposed. “Anna. We already heard the story. Court already heard the story. Your story is fiction,” one person said. “Oh, Anna. I’m sure there is more to the story, but not in the way you think,” another person added.

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Fans Call Out Anna For Her Priorities

Counting On fans are also calling out Anna Duggar for her priorities. According to some, Anna has been making efforts on trying to clean the name of Josh Duggar instead of taking care of her 7 kids. Some even pointed out that Anna was leaving her kids to someone else to spend nights with Josh during his house arrest. “There were rumors she spent nights with her abuser husband and left her kids with someone else,” one person said. Meanwhile, fans are also upset that Anna still can’t accept that her husband did immoral sins.

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Counting On: Where Is Anna Duggar Now?

At this point, Counting On star Anna Duggar has yet to share updates about her and her children. However, there are reports stating that they’ve been staying in the Duggar compound. It’s also reported that Jana Duggar was tasked by Jim Bob Duggar to help Anna with her kids. Meanwhile, an insider close to the Duggars claimed that Anna is considering divorce as her final straw but it seems that it won’t happen anytime soon, especially by how Anna keeps on defending Josh.

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It’s clear to see that Anna is still on Josh’s side despite his CSAM arrest. Meanwhile, fans think that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar lost hope in trying to defend their son, which is why they’ve been inactive on social media for months.

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