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‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Finally Having Second Thoughts About Josh?

Counting On fans have seen how the Duggars are trying to spread positive energy online after a controversial 2021. Apparently, the conservative family faced so many criticisms last year due to Josh Duggar’s child porn conviction. Since then, the number of people wanting to expose the Duggar family’s dark secrets kept increasing. Meanwhile, some felt bad about Anna Duggar as her once-joyful life with Josh turned into a nightmare. However, it seems that Anna is finally realizing what she needs to do after an insider claimed that she’s having second thoughts about her future with her disgraced husband.

Counting On: Anna Duggar Finally Having Second Thoughts About Josh Duggar?

According to reports, an insider close to the Duggars claimed that Counting On star Anna Duggar is starting to have second thoughts about her future with Josh Duggar. The insider also explained that Anna is “not certain” anymore since Josh’s guilty verdict. However, the insider also said that Anna is trying her best to live in such a situation. After that, the insider claimed that Anna did stand by Josh but he still lost his way. The insider also said that Anna still has connections with the Duggars and still talks to them from time to time, especially with Michelle Duggar. However, it seems that she still wants to shy away from the cameras, which is why fans haven’t seen her a lot in the Duggar family’s recent gatherings.

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Fans Have Been Asking Anna Duggar To Leave Josh

Counting On fans have been begging Anna Duggar to leave Josh Duggar ever since his molestation scandal surfaced back in 2015. However, Anna remained faithful to her husband even during his child porn arrest. The insider also said that Anna is still praying for Josh as he awaits his sentencing. Meanwhile, fans are hoping that Josh’s arrest will finally open Anna’s eyes. It’s known that the Duggars are strictly against divorce. However, fans think Anna has all the rights to file due to Josh’s immoral behavior and wrongdoings throughout the years.

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Counting On: How Do Josh Duggar & Anna Duggar Communicate?

According to reports, Counting On star Anna Duggar is not allowed to visit Josh Duggar in jail due to Covid-19 restrictions. Due to this, they were only allowed to have video calls. There are also photos surfacing online showing the video call logs of Anna and Josh. It’s clear to see that Anna is still keeping in touch with her husband. However, some are speculating that the two might be talking about a possible divorce.

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At this point, Anna has yet to share any updates about herself since Josh’s arrest. It’s been quite some time since fans last saw her children as well. However, fans think that Anna and her kids have been receiving the help of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar.

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