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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Praised For Sweet Approach With Fans

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been gaining a lot of supporters lately due to her new life in Utah. Apparently, Christine and Kody Brown decided to call it quits before Season 16 aired. Since then, Christine has been sharing wholesome updates about her life in Utah. It also appears that Christine is spending more time with the fans due to the number of support that she’s been receiving. Now, fans are praising Christine once again after her recent Cameo sharing her love for the fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Praised For Sweet Approach With The Fans

Sister Wives fans took Reddit to talk about Christine Brown’s recent Cameo. Apparently, the Cameo was shared online and it features Christine appreciating all the support that she’s been receiving. Christine also left some heartfelt messages for the fans, and many think that she’s sincere about what she’s saying. “She seems like such a sweet person and I hope she is now living her ultimate best life,” one person said. “She looks like a burden has been lifted, lighter, free, and glowing with happiness,” another person added. It’s clear to see that Christine is now happy with her life in Utah. Some even think that Christine is ready to enter a monogamous relationship. However, it seems that Christine is focused on spending most of her time with her kids and grandkids in Utah.

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Fans Continue To Call Out Kody For Mistreating Christine

Aside from praising Christine Brown, Sister Wives fans also talked about Kody Brown’s mistreatment. According to some, they’ve seen how Kody mistreated Christine throughout the years and many think that it’s so hard to watch. Some even recalled the time when Kody called Christine a princess to shame her. However, some think that Christine is indeed a princess due to her strong personality. “But in the end, she is a princess in the best positive Frozen-esque sense of the word – she is strong, vivacious, and beautiful inside and out,” another person added.

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Sister Wives: Christine Continues To Showcase Her Glowing Look

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been impressing the fans with her glowing look lately. Apparently, Christine has been sharing pictures of herself showing off her incredible outfits and makeovers. Fans also noticed that Christine is looking a lot happier and more cheerful. Christine also took social media recently to share that she’s having a blast taking care of her grandkids in Utah. Fans are also happy that Christine is finally living her best life without Kody Brown.

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It’s clear to see that Christine is finally happy with her life. Meanwhile, Kody and his wives in Flagstaff are reportedly struggling financially. There are also reports stating that Kody is having more issues with his wives due to his poor decisions for the family.

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