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‘Sister Wives’: Why Fans Are Criticizing Robyn’s Parenting Style

Sister Wives fans have been criticizing Kody Brown’s parenting style early in season 16. However, it seems that Kody is not the only one who’s been making a lot of viewers upset. Apparently, fans are also calling out Robyn Brown due to her parenting. Some also took Reddit to discuss Robyn’s ways and many are not happy about it. It’s no secret that Robyn is one of the most controversial wives in the plural family. Aside from being accused of manipulative behavior, fans also think that Robyn is also failing on becoming a good parent.

Sister Wives: Why Fans Are Criticizing Robyn Brown’s Parenting Style

Sister Wives fans took Reddit to discuss Robyn Brown’s controversial parenting style early in season 16. Apparently, the recent episode featured the plural family’s get-together. However, fans noticed that Robyn did nothing but shout at the kids about maintaining social distancing. According to some, Robyn’s idea of social distancing is good. However, she doesn’t have any backup plans to keep her kids happy when she tries to stop them from having fun with their other siblings. “Seriously, they bring young kids and expect them not to interact but give them nothing to entertain themselves??” one person said. “This was excessive. They were outside! Let them play. You can’t hide from your family forever,” another person added.

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Robyn & Kody Are Considered The Main Villains Of The Show

Sister Wives fans are already calling out Robyn Brown and Kody Brown early in season 16. Viewers think that the unfair relationship between the two has become more obvious. Some also noticed that their parenting styles aren’t that great compared to the other wives. Due to this, fans considered Robyn and Kody as the main villains of the show. Fortunately for the fans, some of the wives are starting to fight back. Apparently, Meri Brown and Christine Brown are gaining tons of supporters lately due to their attitude towards Kody. According to some, it’s Christine and Meri’s way to prove that they have become strong and they will fight for what they want without Kody’s permission.

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Sister Wives: Fans Think The Kids Are Struggling To Find Happiness

Sister Wives fans think that the wives aren’t the only ones struggling with Kody Brown. According to some, the kids are also starting to experience the rift that’s been created throughout the years. Many are sad about what’s been happening with the plural family. However, many are blaming Kody for their struggles. Viewers also think that Kody should find a way to get his family on the same page before some of them starts to leave, similar to what Christine Brown did.

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At this point, Kody has yet to share updates after their struggle during episode 2. However, fans can already expect the struggles to continue in the future episodes as the family seemed dysfunctional right from the start of season 16.

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