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Woman Claims Friend Spoke To Brian Laundrie, FBI Didn’t Believe Her

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Claims of a woman are making rounds on social media that her husband’s co-worker allegedly had a real conversation with Brian Laundrie. The woman has told her story on several different platforms to anyone that would listen. She claims her husband’s co-worker can confirm Brian Laundrie is still alive.

Gabby Petito Instagram
Gabby Petito Instagram

Woman reveals where her husband’s co-worker saw Brian Laundrie

A woman whose name has not been identified claims her husband’s co-worker ran into Brian Laundrie. And, the individual had a real conversation with him. The woman reveals the encounter happened on the Appalachian Trail.

Brian is driving a Ford F-150. Coworker didn’t realize it was Brian [Laundrie] until he looked up what Brian looked like so he didn’t take down the license plate. Hubby’s coworker says Brian was acting a bit crazy.”

The woman added that her husband’s co-worker did make an effort to call the FBI to report the encounter as soon as he realized he spoke with Brian Laundrie. She noted her husband’s co-worker didn’t feel as though the FBI took his report seriously.

After speaking with the FBI, the individual also sought Dog The Bounty Hunter’s phone number to report the sighting to him as well. Unfortunately, she adds “it is just a voicemail.”

Screenshots of this alleged interaction with Brian Laundrie is currently making rounds on multiple social media platforms.

Brian Laundrie-Case

Could he be on the Appalachian Trail?

This isn’t the first time the theory that Brian Laundrie might be on the Appalachian Trail has come up. There have been rumors and chatter that a friend of Brian suggested it was a route they thought he might take to get away. Presently, the internet knows Dog The Bounty Hunter and the FBI have searched several areas in Florida looking for Brian.

Since Dog The Bounty Hunter joined the search, he has insisted he believes Brian is still in Florida. Many following the case from home, however, believe Brian Laundrie had a several-day head start next to his parents. And, they believe it is highly unlikely he would still be in Florida. There is some speculation he may have even made it out of the country already.

Dog The Bounty Hunter - Brian Laundrie - Youtube
Dog The Bounty Hunter – Brian Laundrie – Youtube

Do you think there could be any truth to this woman’s claim? Do you believe the FBI really didn’t take this report seriously? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Gabby Petito case.

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