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South Carolina Murdaugh Murders: A Father’s Disturbing Secrets

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This summer, Colleton county residents learned of the murder of the wife and son of a prominent pillar of the community. Discovered by the patriarch of the family, both Maggie Murdaugh and her son Paul suffered fatal gunshot wounds. The local community gasped that such horror occurred within their midst. Local authorities drew what clues they could from evidence left behind.

More Questions than Answers

Soon after the news of the murders swept across local and national channels, more questions surfaced. Who would want to do such a thing? Were the family members the target? Why were they targeted? Was it a burglary? As the world provided its own speculations, new developments would start to unfurl.

Murdaugh Suffers Gun Shot Wound

Within 3 months after the murder of his wife and son, Alex Mrudaugh suffered a gunshot wound that grazed his head while attempting to change a flat tire. His story, a statement given by his attorney, stated that he was shot by someone driving a pickup truck. The driver had passed him but came back and fired. This story seemed suspicious because the car that Alex drove was equipped with run-flat tires. This means that even on a flat, the vehicle could still run without needing a change for nearly 50 miles. So why was he changing a tire?

Alex Murdaugh Resignation

Shortly after the gunshot incident, Alex Murdaugh resigned from his position at his law firm. An accusation of embezzlement led to the quiet resignation.  As a result, the firm released a statement and parted ways immediately with the disgraced attorney. Amid this madness, Mr. Murdaugh checked himself into rehab for a long-term dependency. He stated that the recent events sparked the cry for help. His admittance to a rehab facility was completely voluntary and his attorney released a statement.

Murdaugh Insurance Fraud

Well, just one more trip down the Murdaugh rabbit hole. The alleged gunshot incident with the flat tire turned out to be planned. Alex staged the whole thing with the help of another man, Curtis E. Smith. The plan to kill Murdaugh stemmed from an insurance fraud scheme. 10 million dollars would have gone to his other son if they succeeded. What a mess! Subsequently, Smith earned an arrest for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana.

The Case Going Foward

As a result of the family’s popularity with the local judicial system, a  judge from outside Lowcountry will oversee the Murdaugh case. Clifton Newman has his hands full as the allegations continue to grow against Murdaugh.  There are 6 ongoing allegations and two arrests stemming from the hire to kill insurance fraud. This case continues to take a number of twists and turns. Judge Newman’s experience with these matters is impertinent because he will be in charge of warrants and subpoenas.

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