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Eerie Artwork Suggests Gabby Petito Knew Brian Laundrie Might Kill Her

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Internet sleuths dug up eerie artwork that suggests Gabby Petito might’ve known there was a chance Brian Laundrie would kill her one day. The artwork in question was posted on Gabby’s Instagram account in April of 2020. It is the words on the artwork that actually has some internet sleuths thinking it feels a little like she predicted her own death. Did Gabby Petito think there was a chance Brian Laundrie might murder her one day?

Gabby Petito Instagram
Gabby Petito Instagram

This eerie artwork makes some think Gabby Petito predicted her death

According to MEAWW, internet sleuths are calling attention to the cryptic messages written around the drawings of the female face. “I don’t like to go outside. I like my bed,” one of the messages reads.

Another one reads: “To future me: I’m not sleeping I’m just closing my eyes.”

Some of the other cryptic messages around the drawing include:

  • “From: the inner workings of my mind…”
  • “Not now, I’m busy sleeping”
  • “you were like a dream”
  • Gabby Petito Art Instagram

Internet sleuths find these messages around the drawing of the female face to be chilling. Many questioned why Gabby Petito would write things like this to her future self.

One individual questioned in the comments of her artwork: “Why would she write ‘To Future me: Im not sleeping im just closing my eyes’ ???”

Internet sleuths have looked into Brian Laundrie’s artwork too

Gabby Petito’s fiancé Brian Laundrie also has a lot of chilling artwork on his Instagram profile. Artwork that many have noted suggests a disturbed and violent individual.

Presently, Brian Laundrie is still missing. Dog The Bounty Hunter joined the manhunt recently and claims to be hot on the trail. Some people are supportive of Dog The Bounty Hunter joining the hunt. Others think it is just for clout. News broke today that Dog The Bounty Hunter was shopping for a new TV series. This only further supported the theory he jumped on the Gabby Petito case because of how much attention it was getting.

Brian Laundrie Instagram
Brian Laundrie Instagram

All eyes remain on Brian Laundrie’s parents and his family attorney as the world believes they know where he’s hiding.

Do you think the internet is reading too much into Gabby’s artwork? Or is there a chance she knew Brian Laundrie might kill her one day? Were these really cryptic messages with a hidden meaning? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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