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‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Slammed For ‘Tragic’ Homeschooling

Counting On fans have seen the educational system of the Duggars. Apparently, the Duggars follow a strict tradition of homeschooling. Some think that it’s a good idea, while others criticized homeschooling and said that it doesn’t teach the kids the things that they need to learn. Now, Jessa Duggar took YouTube to share her son Spurgeon’s homeschooling days. However, fans dubbed it as “tragic” as Spurgeon almost learned nothing in a single day due to the number of disturbances and Jessa’s lack of attention.

Counting On: Jessa Duggar Slammed For Tragic Homeschooling

In a YouTube post, Counting On star Jessa Duggar shared a video from Spurgeon’s first homeschool day. During the clip, Spurgeon and his siblings, Henry and Ivy, can be seen trying their best to answer, color, and read books that were given to them by Jessa. It also appears that Jessa is the one teaching them throughout the day. The main focus of the video is on Spurgeon. However, fans quickly noticed that Spurgeon isn’t having a great time on his first homeschool due to the disturbances around him.

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Fans Call Out Jessa Duggar’s Homeschooling Technique

After watching the video, Counting On fans took Reddit to call out Jessa Duggar for her tragic homeschooling. According to some, Jessa appears unbothered about how Ivy and Henry keep disturbing Spurgeon. Throughout the video, Henry and Ivy can be heard talking loud and trying to take Spurgeon’s pencils and books. However, Jessa didn’t do anything to stop the two. Instead, she shouts the answers to Ivy that Spurgeon was supposed to think of. “Is this what schooling was like at the TTH when Jessa was growing up? How does she expect Spurgeon (or any of the kids) to actually learn anything?” one fan said. “It’s a shame because Spurgeon is one of those kids who will need to be challenged. He’s super precocious and curious, kids like that NEED to learn in an environment conducive to inquiry and growth,” another fan added.

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Counting On: Jessa’s Sister Jill Steps Away From Homeschooling

Counting On star Jill Duggar has been praised for her decision to bring her son, Israel, to a public school. Apparently, Jill is one of the first members of the family to bring a kid to public school. Fans are also expecting that Israel’s brother, Sam, will also go to public school when he’s old enough. Fans are also hoping that Jill will become an inspiration to her siblings to bring their kids to public schools as well.

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Homeschooling is still an ongoing tradition inside the Duggar family. However, with the growing number of criticisms, fans are hoping that the conservative family will finally change their ways. Will the Duggars enter real schools soon?

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