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Deavan Clegg Shares Biggest Misconception People Have In Her

90 Day Fiance star, Deavan Clegg answered several fan questions during her latest social media Q&A. One of the main highlights of the Q&A is about the biggest misconception people have in her. Aside from that, Deavan also opened up about her interest in returning to TV shows once again. Meanwhile, Deavan continues to deal with critics about her new boyfriend’s role on being a father to Taeyang. Furthermore, fans also feel bad for Taeyang as he might never see his real father again.

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg Opens Up About The Biggest Misconception People Have In Her

In a social media post, 90 Day Fiance star, Deavan Clegg answered a fan question asking about the biggest misconception people have in her. According to Deavan, people think that she doesn’t know anything about Korea and Korean culture.

Apparently, Deavan was often seen being confused at how life works in Korea back in their TLC days. It’s no secret that living in a different country can trigger serious culture shock. Deavan was able to handle things as time goes by. However, fans were shocked after her controversial remarks when she claimed that “Koreans eat dogs.” Fans aren’t happy about it and think that Deavan doesn’t respect Koreans.

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Deavan Clegg Shares Her Interest On Returning To TV Shows

Another question that Deavan Clegg answered was about her plans on returning to TV shows. Deavan answered with a simple “Yes” and called out a TV show on Netflix saying that she’s willing to send her audition tape. It’s been a while since fans were able to see Deavan on TV. She’s also considered one of the most controversial stars in 90 Day Fiance after being accused of cheating on her ex-husband, Jihoon Lee. Deavan has been fighting for her rights as a parent to Taeyang as well. However, it appears that she has the upper hands lately as Jihoon’s fundraising campaign got shut down after his feud with his legal team.

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90 Day Fiance: Deavan Defends Topher’s Role Of Being A Father To Taeyang

90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg has been in a very healthy relationship with Topher Park for quite some time now. It also appears that her kids are attached to Topher. Now, Deavan is defending Topher from all the critics stating that he shouldn’t take the role of Jihoon. In a social media Q&A, Deavan answered a fan question asking if Taeyang is aware that Topher is not her father. According to Deavan, being Taeyang’s biological father doesn’t really matter. Deavan also said Taeyang loves Topher so much and that’s what’s important. After that, Deavan said that she’s not forcing her son to consider Topher as his father. “It comes down to love and how Taeyang feels. Taeyang loves Chris deeply. And I’m not going to stop that bond”, Deavan added.

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