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Christine Brown Goes On Vacation Without Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Christine Brown had a difficult time trying to encourage her family to go back to Utah during the season finale. The family ended up staying in Flagstaff. However, it appears that Christine is trying to send a message that she still can leave anytime she wants. Apparently, Christine shared pictures of her with her kids on a vacation. She also didn’t bring Kody Brown with her, which seems to show that she can still make her own decisions about leaving.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Visits Utah Without Kody

In a social media post, Sister Wives star Christine Brown shared several pictures of their vacation to Utah. Apparently, Christine and her kids visited Aspyn Brown and her husband, Mitch Thompson. One of the pictures shows Christine with a big smile on her face as she finally returned to Utah.

Apparently, Christine’s desire of going back reignited when Utah decriminalized polygamy. Meanwhile, Kody Brown wasn’t with Christine when she visited Utah. However, Kody has been making headlines after his decision of abandoning Ysabel Brown for her back surgery in New Jersey. Ysabel is Christine and Kody’s daughter. It also appears that Christine is still upset about Kody abandoning their daughter which is why she went back to Utah without him.

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Will Christine Consider Going Back By Herself?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown only went to Utah to visit her daughter. However, it appears that Christine is allowed to travel without Kody Brown’s consent. Apparently, Christine has been struggling in her life in Flagstaff. A lot of fans also kept telling Christine to leave the plural family. At one point, Christine revealed during her confessional that she feels like she doesn’t matter in the family.

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“I agreed to move to Flagstaff and I followed Kody here, but it’s been a struggle the whole time. I’m tired of feeling like I don’t matter”, Christine said. Kody himself also said during an interview that he won’t divorce any of his wives, but they can leave anytime they want.

Sister Wives: Fans Suspect Christine Is Done With Kody

Sister Wives fans noticed that Christine Brown hasn’t been sharing pictures of her and Kody Brown on social media. Rumors also claim that the two might be over. Apparently, Christine did a shocking revelation during the season finale after saying that she “can’t do marriage with Kody anymore”. Since then, fans have been encouraging Christine to choose a new path, which is leaving Kody and the polygamous life. Fans from Reddit also discussed the possibilities of Christine leaving Kody.

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“I really wish for her to find a partner that walks with her, supports her, and is really a husband. Her eyes will open up”, one fan said. Another fan said that they think the two are over even though Christine is still living in Flagstaff. “She seems over it. I think the coffin was nailed shut when she shared what she did in her confessional/interview”, the fan added.

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