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‘Counting On’: Fans Call Out The Duggars For Snubbing Jill’s Son Israel’s Birthday

Counting On star Jill Duggar recently celebrated the 6th birthday of her son Israel. She shared several pictures of how they celebrated her son’s birthday. She even shared a picture of a “fish birthday cake” that Israel wished for. The birthday celebration for Jill’s son was quite simple and no huge gatherings happened. However, fans started calling out some of the Duggars especially Jill’s parents for snubbing Israel on his birthday. Apparently, almost nobody in the huge family made a sweet birthday message for Israel. Instead, they only shared the same picture of him with simple “Happy Birthday” captions. Meanwhile, some fans expected this as Jill is still considered rebellious by the family.

Counting On: Fans Call Out The Duggars For Snubbing Israel’s Birthday

Counting On fans started calling out the Duggars for snubbing Israel on his 6th birthday. Apparently, Jill Duggar shared a picture of Israel as he celebrates his birthday. However, Anna Duggar is the only one who commented on Jill’s post to greet her son. Meanwhile, some of the Duggars just reposted Jill’s post and captioned it with a simple “Happy Birthday.” Fans from Reddit started discussing how the Duggars neglected the birthday of Jill’s son. “The Duggars are so concerned with their image and NONE of them can be bothered to wish their little nephew a happy birthday?” one fan said. Another fan also hoped that Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar reached out to Jill and her son privately.

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Jill Made A Simple Celebration For Israel

In a social media post, Counting On star Jill Duggar shared several clips of Israel during his birthday. The family didn’t do a lot of activities as Israel had to go to school. However, before Israel left for school, Jill and her husband Derick Dillard made sure that he went to school happy. Apparently, the couple surprised Israel by greeting him at a radio station. Israel was surprised and had a big smile on his face as he leaves the car after hearing his name on the radio. Meanwhile, Jill said that they’re going to Taco Bell after Israel’s school, and fans find it wholesome. “Heck yeah Taco Bell,” one fan commented. “One of my faves too, so I’m not upset at all lol,” Jill replied.

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Counting On: Jill’s Rebellious Acts Affected Her Relationship With Her Family For A Long Time

Counting On star Jill Duggar is widely known for her rebellious acts towards Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar. Apparently, Jill has been rebelling against the strict rules of the family for years. At one point, she shocked the fans after having her nose pierced and cut her hair short. She also enrolled Israel in a public school, breaking the traditional homeschooling of the Duggars. It also appears that Jill doesn’t mind breaking the dress codes of the family. She also seems to bond more often with her cousin Amy King, who’s also considered a rebellious member of the family. Due to this, fans think that the Duggars really feel awkward bonding with Jill, which may also be one of the main reasons why they snubbed Israel’s birthday.

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