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Jed Duggar Shares Sweet Message To Wife Katey After A Crowded Arkansas Wedding

Counting On star Jed Duggar has finally tied the knot with Katey Nakatsu. According to reports, that two got married in a crowded Arkansas ceremony. Now, Jed shared a lengthy message on his social media following his marriage to Katey. Fans are happy that Jed and his family finally revealed his marriage. Meanwhile, some fans are hoping that the courtship storyline of Jed will get featured in the future episodes of the show.

Counting On: Jed Duggar Shares Sweet Message To Wife Katey Following Their Marriage

In a social media post, Counting On star Jed Duggar shared a lengthy message to Katey Nakatsu after their wedding. “For a long time I have prayed for my future spouse, not knowing who that person would be. God answered my prayers far beyond what I could have ever imagined in Katey!”, Jed said. He also said that he and Katey have enjoyed developing their relationship over the past year, confirming that they’ve been in a relationship for quite some time. “Katey, the thought of sharing the rest of my life with you makes me the happiest man in the world! I love you so much!!”, Jed added.

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Meanwhile, the family and friends of Jed commented on his sweet post. “It was a beautiful wedding! We are so excited for you both!”, Jessa Duggar commented. Jill Duggar also said that she’s excited about the newly-wed couple. Several members from the Bates family also shared their excitement about Jed & Katey’s marriage.

What’s Next For Jed?

At this point, Counting On star Jed Duggar has yet to reveal their next plans after their wedding. There are also no indications on where will they settle. However, some fans have discovered that Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar gave a $365k three-bedroom home to Jed ahead of his wedding. However, it’s unclear if Jed is going to use it for his own or sell it to have a good starting money for his career. Apparently, Jed has followed his father’s footsteps in his real estate career. Due to this, fans can expect that Jed will have a very bright future with Katey and their future kids, which is most likely going to be announced very soon.

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Counting On: The Ceremony Was Made Public But Later Removed

Counting On star Jed Duggar decided to make his wedding ceremony public so that other family members and friends can watch it online. However, the video was later removed and not a lot of fans were able to watch it. Fortunately, some fans are quick enough to download the video and reupload it on YouTube. The wedding ceremony was very crowded. It was also set in a beautiful land with a bunch of animals roaming around. The video also ended with Jed and Katey singing a gospel song.

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