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Anna Duggar Shares Evidence That She’s Pregnant With Seventh Child

Counting On star Anna Duggar has been rumored to be pregnant with her seventh child. It all started when Anna was seen with a baby bump in Jessa Duggar’s now-deleted video post. Since then, fans haven’t seen Anna in any of the social media posts of the Duggars. Now, fans have found new evidence of Anna’s pregnancy in her sister’s social media account. Apparently, Anna’s sister, Susanna Keller, shared several pictures from her baby shower. However, fans quickly noticed that Anna seems to hide her body yet again.

Counting On: Fans Found New Evidence Of Anna Duggar’s Pregnancy

Counting On star Anna Duggar attended the baby shower of her sister Susanna Keller. A lot of their family members also attended the special occasion. Susanna shared several photos from her baby shower on social media. It looks like a normal baby shower at first. However, fans quickly noticed that Anna appears to hide from the camera. She can be seen posing behind the family, hiding her entire body. Fans took the comments section to say that Anna looks really pregnant. “Every pic doesn’t show her bottom half. Def prego”, one fan commented. “Anna is definitely pregnant, she’s wearing black and her face is puffy”, another fan added.

Anna Duggar 1 Instagram
Photo Credit: @susanna_keller Instagram

Anna Might Announce The Big News In The Upcoming Episode

Counting On fans got very excited after TLC announced a new episode for the show. According to TLC, fans will be able to watch the Duggars on March 30. However, there’s not a lot of details on what to expect in the upcoming episode. Meanwhile, some fans think that it will feature Anna Duggar’s pregnancy announcement. Apparently, Anna previously revealed that she’s planning to have a seventh child with Josh Duggar. However, she made it clear that she wasn’t pregnant during the time she announced it. Now, fans think that the Duggars are going to announce the big news on the upcoming episode.

Josh Duggar Anna Duggar Kids 1 Instagram
Photo Credit: @annaduggar Instagram

Counting On: Anna Duggar Adores How Fast Her Kids Grew

In a social media post, Counting On star Anna Duggar shared a picture of her kids playing with toys. According to Anna, she enjoys watching the kids play. She also said that they grow up so fast. Fans also agreed with Anna’s statements about how fast her kids have grown. Anna was also praised for her amazing parenting. “They surely do grow up so fast! Yall are doing a great job raising them!”, one fan commented. This wasn’t the first time Anna was praised for her parenting. At one point, Anna shared a picture of her kids reading the Bible and the fans loved it.

Anna Duggar Kids 1 Instagram
Photo Credit: @annaduggar Instagram

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