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‘Counting On’: Fans Found New Clue That Anna Duggar Is Pregnant With Seventh Child

Counting On star Anna Duggar recently went headlines after fans noticed her baby bump in Jessa Duggar’s now-deleted video. Apparently, Anna celebrated the birthday of Jessa’s son, Henry. However, started talking about Anna’s baby bump, forcing Jessa to deleted to video. A fan managed to save the video before it was deleted and posted it on social media. After that, fans started making speculations that Anna is pregnant with her seventh child. Now, Anna might have revealed another clue that she’s pregnant. In a recent social media post, Anna revealed her face looking swollen and fans think that it’s due to her pregnancy.

Counting On: Anna Duggar Shares Another Clue That She’s Pregnant

In a social media post, Counting On star Anna Duggar shared a picture of her and her daughter Mackynzie. “Mother-Daughter shopping trip”, Anna captioned. However, fans noticed that Anna’s face look swollen compared to her previous pictures. Due to this, a fan saved the picture and posted it on Reddit to discuss Anna’s swollen face. “This is from today. Her face is as swollen as it typically is in her pregnancies”, the fan captioned. After that, other fans started commenting on the post saying that she’s really pregnant. “She’s looking really puffy. #7 is totally on its way. I’m not sure about twins, though”, one fan commented. Another fan also said, “This is her 7th pregnancy, she might just be popping super early because her uterus isn’t even trying anymore.”

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Anna Went Shopping With Daughter Mackynzie

Counting On star Anna Duggar also shared several pictures of her shopping adventures with her daughter Mackynzie. The two went shopping for clothes. After that, Anna shared a picture of several dollhouses and mini-kitchen playsets. “If you live in NW Arkansas be sure to top in and find some deals!”, Anna captioned. Meanwhile, Anna’s husband Josh Duggar remains out of sight. Apparently, Josh has been dodging social media since his molestation scandal broke in 2015. At this point, Anna and Josh were reportedly living in a warehouse owned by Jim Bob Duggar. There are also reports stating that Josh is still struggling on finding a job due to his molestation scandal.

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Counting On: Is Anna Hiding Her Pregnancy?

Counting On star Anna Duggar recently went headlines after she seemingly hid her pregnancy. In a social media post, Anna shared several pictures of her brother-in-law Tyler’s birthday. “Michael enjoyed getting to hang out with the ‘big boys’ and teeing up at top golf while celebrating Tyler’s 13th birthday!”, Anna captioned. However, she didn’t upload a single picture of herself. This made some fans think that she’s trying to hide her pregnancy. There are speculations stating that Anna is keeping her pregnancy private and will announce it once she’s about to give birth. Apparently, Anna revealed last year that she’s planning to have her seventh child with Josh Duggar. However, she made it clear that she wasn’t pregnant during that time.

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