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Duggar Fans Seriously Concerned About New Photo: ‘What Is That?’

Aubrey Meister

As we previously reported, the Duggar family shared a new photo of their youngest daughter, Josie. The photo was taken on St. Patrick’s Day, and it made fans realize just how much the littlest Counting On kid has grown. Fans will recall her traumatic birth on the family’s TLC show. She was born prematurely, and the family was worried about her survival. Fortunately, she pulled through and is a happy and healthy 11-year-old.

In the family’s Instagram post, Josie is holding a plate of green food while wearing a green outfit. She’s truly in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. The family happily writes, “Even our lunch was green!”

Fans in the comments about talking about how much Josie has grown and how healthy she looks today. They can’t believe that the youngest Duggar daughter is growing up so quickly. They have loved getting to see new photos of her as she has changed over the years.

While many fans are discussing how cute Josie is, others are concerned and asking a lot of questions about the photos shared.


Duggar fans curious about new photo

In the comments section of the Duggar family’s newest post, fans are commenting and asking what Josie is eating. Naturally, because the food is green, fans are extra suspicious. Of course, the family mentions in their caption that they enjoyed making their food green for the holiday. Many people use green food coloring to change up the color of their food for the holiday. Still, green food is a bit concerning.

Fans are trying to figure out what Josie could be eating and they are making their best guesses. Josie’s plate features saltine crackers with something green on top. It looks like guacamole or icing consistency.

Duggar family Instagram
Duggar family Instagram

Here’s what a few fans are saying it could be:

  • “Is that tuna?”
  • “It looks like avocado.”
  • crackers with guac? 😬”


A couple of fans simply asked what Josie is eating. They couldn’t figure out what it could be. Someone was concerned that Josie’s meal wasn’t big enough, pointing out that, “That’s a snack not lunch……..” Another fan jokes, “Her facial expression says eew I’m not eating these 🤨 ☘️”

So far, the family hasn’t responded to the comments. This means fans will have to continue making their best guesses about the little girl’s lunch.

So, what do you think Josie Duggar is eating in the new photo? Let us know your best guesses in the comments section below.

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