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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Sister Wives star Christine Brown celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by sharing a wholesome clip. Some of Kody’s wives also started celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in their own ways. Apparently, Kody Brown decided to let his wives run their own households for a while due to Covid-19. Due to this, Christine had to celebrate on her own. Meri Brown also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by sharing that her great-great-grandfather was an Irish, which makes her somehow Irish as well.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Draws Shamrock On Her Arm To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

In a social media post, Sister Wives star Christine Brown shared a clip of her showing how she celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. “Everyone needs a special layer of protection today to guard yourself from things that are unexpected”, Christine said. After that, she revealed that she drew a shamrock on her arm to keep herself guarded. Fans are also happy to see Christine being joyful despite her struggles with the family. Apparently, Christine previously revealed that she feels like a “basement wife” and she still gets jealous of the other wives.

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Christine Shares Green Pancakes

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with style. In a social media post, Christine shared a picture of her green pancakes. “Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We celebrate by adding green food coloring to everything we can think of eating!”, she said. After that, fans took her comments section to praise her creativity. “Those actually look pretty!!! Kinda lacey even”, one fan commented.

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Meanwhile, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown remain silent throughout St. Patrick’s Day. Robyn rarely posts anything on her social media similar to Kody Brown. However, fans believe that Kody has been quarantining with Robyn, who’s often dubbed as his “favorite wife.”

Sister Wives: Christine Shared Her Snowy House – Kody Said He Shoveled It

In a social media post, Sister Wives star Christine Brown shared a picture of her snowy house in Flagstaff. It appears that snows are getting worse in Flagstaff. Apparently, Meri Brown previously shared a light amount of snow in her backyard. Now, Christine showed an insane amount of snow in front of her house. “I LOVE waking up to a blanket of snow when I don’t have anywhere to go!”, Christine said. After that, fans were surprised to see Kody Brown commenting on Christine’s post. According to Kody, “I just spent the whole morning on Saturday shoveling that ! Aaaarrrgh!” followed by a laughing emoticon. It appears that Kody is still making efforts to his wives despite their separations in Flagstaff, especially with the raging Covid-19.

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