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Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Attempting Damage Control? Looks That Way

Aubrey Meister

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo may be attempting to clear their names after many rumors about them have circulated. The couple has been under fire lately, and many assumptions have been made about their marriage, beliefs, and children. So, what are they doing now to potentially make things better?

Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo rumors circulate

Recently, there have been many rumors about Jeremy and Jinger. There has been concern about their marriage, especially after they welcomed their second baby to the world. The couple admits that it’s been an “adjustment.”

Additionally, the couple is posting few photos of their daughters when they used to share regular pictures of them. Fans have been expressing concerns about the kids’ health and are wondering if something is seriously wrong with them. After all, fans haven’t seen a recent update of their newest addition, Evangeline, for a little while now.

Details about the couple’s church and the church’s stance on mask-wearing have come out too. According to Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball“The church is currently being sued by Los Angeles County for refusing to stop holding services indoors. Lead Pastor John MacArthur is a pandemic denier & has refused to keep his members safe despite church members having & spreading covid at services.”

Are they attempting damage control?

Based on the couple’s recent social media posts, it seems possible that they are trying to turn things around and disprove all of the rumors.

In their recent social media posts, they have noticeably been sharing content that contradicts the rumors. For example, possibly in response to the relationship turmoil rumors, Jeremy documented the couple’s date night out.

Since fans have been concerned about the couple not posting pictures of their kids, they shared a few photos of Felicity. Notably, her face still isn’t in any of the pictures. Plus, the pictures of Evangeline are still lacking.

Possibly in response to the information about their church and its pandemic response, the couple has been pictured in masks quite a bit recently. Katie claims that this is “performative.”


Of course, there’s no way to know what the couple’s intentions are when they share these kinds of posts. It could be coincidental, or they could be trying to put an end to the rumors.

So, do you think that Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo are trying to clear their names? Or do you think that they are sharing these posts for another reason? Let us know in the comments below.

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