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A Mistake? Meri Brown Retracts Saying Love For Kody Was ‘Dead’

Sister Wives star Meri Brown previously revealed that her relationship with Kody Brown is “dead” and “over.” Apparently, Meri’s statements were revealed during a flashback scene from Season 15, where she and Kody went to their therapist. Meri and Kody have been struggling with their relationship throughout the years.

However, it appears that the two never had a chance to fix it. Kody even admitted that he regrets marrying Meri. Since then, Kody has been cold in his approach towards Meri. Now, Meri shocked the fans after taking back what she said about her relationship with Kody in a recent interview.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Takes Back Her Words

During an interview, Sister Wives star Meri Brown opened up about what she meant after saying that her relationship with Kody Brown is “dead” and “over.”

According to Meri, she doesn’t exactly mean to say it that way. “That was a little bit taken out of context”, Meri said. “It was not me saying, ‘This is over, I’m done.’ What it was, was me saying where we were and what had happened was done and over, and now we need to figure out a new normal for us and figure us out”, she added.

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Apparently, Meri and Kody have been trying to figure things out. Their relationship started to decay when Meri’s catfish scandal broke in 2015. Since then, Meri has been posting cryptic messages about moving on and letting go of someone.

However, it appears that the two are still trying their best to restore their marriage. According to Meri, she and Kody are currently “at peace.” She also admits that there’s always a lot of things to improve in their marriage. “When you are in a place of pain or hurt or sorrow or whatever, it is not the time to make a decision”, Meri added.

Meri Opens Up On Why She Keeps Staying With Kody

Sister Wives star Kody Brown previously revealed that he has no plans of divorcing any of his wives as being a polygamist is a path that he chose. However, he made it clear that his wives can leave anytime they want and he’ll accept it. However, despite all their struggles, Meri Brown doesn’t want to stay away from Kody. “Even though that, I made the decision to stay. This is my family. At that point, six years ago, my decision was to stay and figure it out”, Meri said.

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Sister Wives: Meri Isn’t The Only One Struggling Over Kody

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is not the only wife of Kody Brown who’s struggling. Apparently, Christine Brown also revealed during the recent episode that she feels like a “basement wife.” According to Christine, she feels uncomfortable and left out during their family gatherings. At one point, she said that she’s mad about Kody for not staying at her home. She also admits getting “super jealous” with the other wives during their discussion in the previous episodes.

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