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Critics Think Claire Spivey Is Pregnant After Rushed Wedding

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Counting On stars Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey recently shocked fans with their unexpected wedding. Apparently, the two previously announced that they’re going to tie the knot in April 2021. However, they suddenly announced on social media that they just got married. A lot of fans were happy about the sudden announcement. However, there are some who think that they rushed the wedding as Claire might be pregnant.

Counting OnJustin & Claire’s Unexpected Wedding Announcement

In a social media post, Counting On star Justin Duggar shared a picture of him and Claire Spivey wearing a suit and wedding gown, confirming that they just got married. Justin also shared new pictures from their wedding ceremony a few days later, which is also the birthday of Claire. “Happy birthday to my beautiful wife! I’m so thankful to have married my best friend! I love you so much,” Justin captioned. Meanwhile, Claire’s mother, Hilary Spivey, commented on Justin’s post. According to her, she’s proud of her daughter and she’s happy that they tied the knot near Claire’s birthday.

Fans Think Claire Is Pregnant

Counting On fans have expected that Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey will get married in April 2021. This is because their wedding registry originally listed April 16 as their wedding date. However, the sudden announcement of the couple’s wedding created some speculations. A lot of critics took to Reddit to discuss the reason why the two decided to tie the knot earlier than the supposed date. Some were saying that Claire might be pregnant. However, there were no signs of Claire’s pregnancy in her recent photos. The Duggars are also known to have a baby announcement whenever there’s a pregnant member of the family.

Claire Spivey Justin Duggar Counting On Instagram
Justin Duggar Instagram

Meanwhile, some fans started discussing when will Claire announce her pregnancy. One fan said, “How fast do you think they will announce a pregnancy? I’m thinking 3-4 months.” After that, others speculated that it will be earlier than expected similar to some of the Duggars. “Joy was pregnant within like 4 days so I’m guessing the same for Claritin,” one fan added.

Counting On: Claire’s Mother Slams A Troll Saying Her Daughter Is Immature

In a social media post, Counting On star Claire Spivey was defended by her mother Hilary Spivey after she uploaded a picture of her with some of the Duggars. “We brought the wisdom and maturity to the wedding party,” Hilary captioned.

After that, a troll took her comment section to tell her that her daughter is immature. “If y’all brought wisdom to the wedding party, then it might mean your kid is too young/immature to get married,” the troll said. However, Hilary didn’t hold back and replied, “This was a joke. We were the silliest ones in the lineup!!” Hilary is widely known for spilling the beans between the couple in the comments section. Back in December 2020, Hilary told a fan that Claire and Justin will get married next year.

Hilary Spivey Post Instagram
Hilary Spivey Instagram

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